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Conferences provide a great means to improve and expand your business. They can introduce you to contacts, products, suppliers, investors, leads, and mentors by bringing together a dynamic mix of people. But there’s more to conferences than just demos, seminars, and key speakers. Here are some things you can do to improve your conference experience and how to get the most out of your next event.

Generate Leads

A conference gives you the opportunity to generate leads. You will be surrounded by potential prospects who can turn out to be long time customers. Most people at these conferences are either connected to a potential lead or are a lead themselves. Your next contact may not be a lead initially, but could become one at a later time.

Ongoing Training

Use conferences as opportunities for your employees to gain training and development for your company. Look for conferences that can specifically be tailored to your business and what you feel your employees need to learn or get a different perspective on in order to feel that they are improving themselves.

Who You Could Potentially Meet

While many of the people at these events are potential marketers or sales professionals, you will still benefit from presenting. These events also attract investors and entrepreneurs. A mentor could attend the conference. Investors, entrepreneurs, and mentors are all assets for those in the beginning stages of getting their business off the ground. You may even be able to create a strategic business partnership for future endeavors at an event like this. Environments like these carry the potential of bringing a diverse group of professionals together.

Learn More About Other Opportunities

The vast amount of knowledge available at these events opens up new opportunities. Your company may be headed in a particular direction, but an idea inspired by a booth visit or speaker presentation may present another avenue to you. At an analytics booth like Orbit, you might learn how to modernize your data strategy, enable rapid scalability, move from post-hoc analysis to predictive, and democratize your analytics efforts. Or at DeveloperWeek you might meet someone from BlockChain who can change the way you think about this development in your own software. You can immediately act on information you have seen passively by signing up to be on the subscriber list for future communications. You can also seize the opportunity to connect personally with someone you’d like to conduct ongoing business with once you have identified a synergistic opportunity.


Attendees can collect insight from peers at major events like these. Most of the other attendees share experiences and challenges among one another at these events. Tips provided from other presenters and speakers can prove to be valuable to attendees. Long-term connections can be leveraged to glean advice from seasoned pros long term.

Create Opportunities to Reconnect

Perhaps you were once connected to a person on a major social networking site or had a client who left the industry. Some time may have lapsed since the two of you touched base. In looking up the attendees of this event, you can make it a point to reestablish those connections and remind the contact of how you could be beneficial to them in between demos.

Improving your business can be matter of choosing where to invest time and resources. Investing in conferences can improve your business in many ways. Simply being placed in this environment potentially opens all kinds of doors for you.