How Voice and Data Technology Solutions Function in Hospitality Businesses

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April 14, 2021
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Vacation-goers and people going on business trips consider several factors when searching for a hotel room to stay in. Aside from comfort, price, and services, they now look at one more thing: technology. Its importance has risen to the same level as hot showers and comfortable beds. One of the strongest features of a hotel with great service is VoIP technology. This has made hotel phones cheaper, more resourceful, and reliable, making them an essential asset in hotel establishments.

An operation’s success and making customers happy is greatly dependent on good communication within the hospitality industry. Every process relies on your telephone system’s quality, from customers calling to make reservations to staff giving timely notifications of available rooms. In the past, hardware-heavy PBX telephone systems have handled the communication needs of hotels. However, these traditional systems can be pretty costly, rely on expensive phone companies, and often require continuous maintenance throughout the building. In the long run, phone systems used for teleconferencing are less of an asset and more of a drain.

Now that digital voice services and the Internet have evolved, VoIP phone systems have become a more viable communication option. All your hospitality communications can be enhanced with voice and data technology solutions, including cost, capabilities, and reliability.

1. Lowered Phone Costs

Traditional PBX systems require you to wire your hotel for the phone lines it needs and provide an infrastructure to support a complete system. You will incur additional costs every time a line or a call is carried out. Additionally, even at bundled rates, your data plan still needs to be purchased separately.

You can lower your communication costs upfront by using a VoIP system and continue to reduce costs as time goes on. Some softphones are explicitly designed to be used with voice and data technology solutions capabilities, but you can also use existing hardware to integrate your new system. You can run voice and data purely over your broadband service, reducing the costs associated with both options. When you add more voice services or adjust your phone system, you’ll save money and save time.

2. Unified System

A hotel may contain tens of rooms and bellboys, waiters, bar workers, and administration staff. The great number of internal numbers that must be answered and the volume of messages delivered through them within a hotel can easily be imagined. Both the hotel guests and the many staff members stand to gain from voice solutions for hospitality phones. How? The unified hotel system allows many functions to be carried out using only a VoIP telephone. Customers can register their check-ins and check-outs and ‘do not disturb’ status with the support of this system.

The system also keeps a complete log of every phone call made from a hotel room, so that call costs can be reclaimed immediately by the client, even before they pay for their stay.

Front Desk Voice and Data Technology Solutions

3. Improves Front Desk Service

Hotel reservations, vendor orders, guest inquiries, and reservations are among the constant call traffic you have at your front desk. A VoIP phone system can help ensure your availability to guests and provide enhanced capabilities without increasing your staff’s workload.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and automatic attendants can handle incoming call management better through automated menus and responses. You can build a call presentation that allows callers to easily reach the correct department, answer the FAQs, and make reservations — all without having to speak to a staff member. Your guests can always contact the right person when they need to, no matter what time of the day the call comes in or how many staff will be on hand.

4. Open to Integration

Solutions based on VoIP technology can be used at integrated telecommunications networks and those that don’t provide an integrated telecommunications network. An organization may also opt for integration with its system and implement an integrated exchange. The rooms can be placed by the desk with Wi-Fi telephones being carried by hotel staff.

If the hotel connects with a traditional phone network, you will use the gateway to connect to all analog telephones. It will be installed directly at reception. IP telephones or reception modules monitor the status of occupied numbers throughout the hotel. Keeping track of hotel service calls is made easier with the IVR system, which is also an excellent solution.

5. Expands Hotel Communications

For decades, high-cost international roaming calls have been the only provision of hotel phone systems. Broadband Internet-based telephone systems enable you to expand your hotel communications to include more telephone options at an affordable price. Low-cost broadband calls let guests place several hands-free calls, including local and international. You can offer video conferencing, voicemails, virtual faxing, and customized speed dials so your guests can work from their rooms. No matter their needs, you can accommodate them.

6. Creates Personal Touch

Aside from having an eco-friendly hospitality business that makes you stand out from many competitors, it’s crucial to give your customers more reasons to choose your hotel. Your establishment’s VoIP system can connect directly to a CRM system, enabling you to show your customers why they should choose you.

This technology allows you to maintain detailed guest information records, including names, specific requirements, and their history with your company. Your staff can greet clients by name when you receive an incoming call since the CRM is integrated. By providing guests with customized customer service, you can deliver the best possible experience.

7. Minimizes System Maintenance

Everyone feels the effects of your PBX phone system failing. Many physical parts are involved, so it is essential to keep maintaining your system and make sure it is working. Unlike a traditional phone line, VoIP services are regularly maintained and updated by your service provider.

You never have to worry about repairs or updates since VoIP services are digitally-based. It’s cheaper to call your provider and get a temporary solution, which often comes at no additional cost. Your phone will still work so you can focus on other things, like your business.


The tools you need to improve communications for guests and staff when making your hotel the best place to be can be found via VoIP communications. Having stayed in a hotel such as this at least once, you know how important the ability to reach the hotel at any time of the day or night is. A hotel owner also has to seek flexible communication solutions and alternatives to the traditional telephone network, so many embrace voice and data technology solutions instead of analog solutions. It makes perfect sense indeed.


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