How Your Business Can Take the Lead in Sustainability

How Your Business Can Take the Lead in Sustainability

Whatever your business contributes to the world, you don’t want pollution and debris to be part of it. Make your business environmentally friendly by shifting your practices to carbon neutral ones, using sustainable materials, and by taking advantage of technology. Through these methods you can reduce your footprint on the earth and atmosphere around you.

Become Carbon Neutral

Average energy expenditure by companies and individuals results in the release of CO2 into the air, which not only traps dangerous amounts of heat in earth’s atmosphere but impacts the quality of the air itself in detrimental ways. You can reduce or even eliminate the amount of carbon emissions to your company’s name! Take inventory of your business’s emission sources and how much each contributes to your overall CO2 production. Then, look at each of those sources and find solutions for reducing or changing the process altogether with carbon offset technology. Perform these kinds of “audits” on your company’s CO2 production routinely to ensure that your business is consistently improving itself towards carbon neutrality.

Use Sustainable Materials

The materials you use within your business are also an area of potential improvement. Sustainable materials can be just as effective and durable as non-renewable resources, so make the switch wherever possible! Recycled materials are a great way to support sustainability. If your company produces items, look into where you can access and utilize recycled materials. Asphalt paving is more environmentally friendly when recycled, even if oil is used in its production. Even the building materials of your facilities may be recyclable! Again, wherever possible, making the switch to sustainable materials will boost your eco-friendliness significantly.

Use Your Tech

Travel, hard copy documents, and communication have in the past been major sources of air pollution and waste. Today, incredible technological advances are available everywhere you look, so those physical elements of running your business have become negligible! Online video platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts make “face to face” meetings easy from all over the world, and applications like Slack keep the conversation alive via online chat. Documents and formatting are simplified and easier to find when created on an online platform that can be shared between coworkers, and communication can be achieved in much the same ways. Use this technology to eliminate that waste of paper, energy, fuels and even time!


There are a lot of things to worry about running a business, but taking on the ideals of sustainability are worth it. Implementing these strategies to reduce your negative output will make your business have a positive impact on everyone in the world, and the world itself.

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