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More and more consumers are pushing for companies to be more environmentally responsible. Some prioritize a company’s environmental impact enough that it impacts their shopping choices. If a business doesn’t take action to reduce its impact on the environment, they’ll take their business elsewhere. So what’s a company to do? How can your company reduce its impact on the environment?

Take on Socially Responsible Companies as Clients

You might consider taking a leaf out of consumers’ books and focus your efforts on clients and other companies who are already socially responsible. It’s much easier to be socially and environmentally responsible as a company if those you work with are also responsible. How do you find these companies? You might consider taking a look at your branding. If you focus on branding your company as socially and environmentally responsible, you’ll be more likely to attract companies and clientele that share your company’s values.

Reduce Dependence on Nonrenewable Energy

Reducing your dependence on nonrenewable energy can do a lot to reducing your impact on the environment. Look instead at renewable energy sources and create a plan to transition your power supply to those instead. Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a renewable energy option.Operating on solar power can have financial benefits for your business. You’ll be generating at least a portion of the power you’re using, which ends up saving you money. And since this is a business expense, it might qualify as an expense you can write off in your taxes.

Turn the Lights Off

It seems simple, but turning lights off when they aren’t being used can help reduce your company’s impact on the environment. If your business operates on a 9-5 schedule, that’s eight hours you need power. Factor in a couple hours before and after for opening and closing activities, and you might be looking at 12 hours of power needed. If that’s your schedule, that’s another 12 hours you don’t need to have lights on for. If you’re running a longer schedule, odds are there are still a few hours without anyone in the building. Turning the lights off can actually add up to some pretty significant savings for your business, as well as reducing your energy demand and the strain that can put on the environment.

If turning the lights off isn’t an option for your business isn’t a good option, at least make sure your bulbs are energy efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs use significantly less energy than regular bulbs. This also helps reduce your business’s energy bill, energy use, and environmental impact.

There are plenty of things businesses can do to reduce their environmental impact. Contracting other socially responsible businesses, reducing dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, and turning lights off, or at least using energy-efficient bulbs are all good places to start. The more you do, the more you are likely to find that environmentally conscious consumers are willing to support you and your business.

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