I’m Better Because I Breast Fed My Children

Given all of the mommy wars, I thought I’d put out that I’m better because I breast fed my children.  Because of all of those health benefits.  Alas, I wasn’t so ‘good’ that I managed to cloth diaper my children.  I’m pretty sure one or two of them got organic something or other too, so that counts too.  Oh, and I didn’t have any epidurals with my labors.  That must make me superwoman, right?  Best Woman Ever!

Seriously though.  Breast Feeding or Bottle Feeding, no matter your work situation or life situation is an intensely personal decision.  It is interesting as my kids get older that it matters less and less who got breastfed and for how long.  I’ve known so many women who were into competitive breastfeeding, and it is a badge of honor that they post on their profiles on baby boards across the internet.  By first grade, it’s really impossible to tell who was cloth diapered, breast fed, or even given a strictly organic diet.

I’ll even say something heretical here- as long as it works for your family, and baby gets adequate nutrition, and stays healthy, it’s all good.  It doesn’t really matter in the end.  Having a happy, healthy family is what matters most.  It doesn’t matter whether you cloth diaper, feed only organic, delay solids, or stand on your head, as long as it works for you.  Go for it.  Let’s get onto some real discussions here, like who’s going to win the world cup soccer games. Now there’s something important.


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