It’s true.  None of us alive is perfect.  I’m not perfect.  I don’t walk on water, part the seas, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t jumped any buildings in a single bound lately.   The expectation of getting everything 100% correct, 100% of the time is unrealistic.  This is especially important when leading others.  Pounding someone into the ground because they failed to be perfect achieves nothing.  If you do it with an employee, they will simply be less productive, and quite likely leave.  If you do it with a child, they can’t leave now, but they will eventually. Then where would you be?

Focusing on results is important.  In fact, it’s key to have appropriate goals to be able to have an idea of where you’re going.  Begin with the end in mind, and all that.  It’s one of those Seven Habits of Highly Effective people.  If you don’t have a goal, you can’t ever reach it.  In sales, people who have specific, attainable,  goals, sell significantly more than those without specific goals.  Someone with a goal is likely to reach those goals, and possibly exceed it.  I’ve seen the power of goals with

So, where does it go bad?  Well, imagine that someone has a goal, and they miss it.  Chances are, they are already annoyed and frustrated that they didn’t reach a goal.  Pile on just a little bit, or maybe a lot, and think about how they feel.  Pile on enough, and they will start to wonder if they’ve lost their mind, and are capable of even performing the job.  Reinforce it just a little bit more, and they will leave.  No-one likes having their faults pointed out over and over again.  It’s a very effective technique for getting someone to leave.  It’s also counterproductive if you want them to stay.

Think about your words, and their effect before they leave your lips, or your fingertips.  Words can maim a person’s spirit and soul.  If you are gouging into an already sore spot, it will maim all the worse.  Even if someone gives you no indication of their feelings, there likely are a lot of them going on in their head, and heart.