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One of the ways a business can become inefficient is by having a high employee turnover rate. Since you need to take the time to train new employees, you might start noticing a slight decrease in overall productivity and profit. To fix this inefficiency, you need to put methods that promote employee longevity into place. With modern workers jumping from job to job, you need to be able to present them with an environment they want to stay in. Here are three ideas on how to do just that.

Practice Active Listening

As a manager, it may be prudent to educate yourself on active listening. Active listening involves being empathetic and present during a conversation. In truth, it simply isn’t enough to just sit down with an employee and talk with them about issues they face in their work environment. For those who are concerned with being fired if they speak too openly, you may not be able to figure out the true reason behind the lack of productivity and the high employee turnover rate. Deep listening can create a space that is comfortable enough for an employee to talk to you about concerns they have. With this information, you can make the necessary changes.

Use Surveys

Engagement can be measured through Likert-scale surveys, which can help you determine where employees feel less satisfaction at work. You should be ready to have a plan for negative feedback so that you can implement the changes to improve employee satisfaction. Surveys are usually done in such a way that protects the identities of those answering. This protection can make your respondents feel safer in being open about certain aspects of your business that they have problems with.

Provide Challenges

In many cases, employees leave a business because they either do not feel heard or because they are not being challenged in a way that excites them. For the latter, you should find new ways that can challenge their talents and skills. Not only will they feel that their skills are appreciated more, but this recognition will also stimulate employees and keep them interested in the work. However, be mindful that the challenge isn’t too stressful because that can also lower office morale and prompt an employee to leave. You can also include challenges in the form of team building activities. These will help your employees develop relationships with each other while providing a break from the regular day-to-day work. In addition to team-building activities, you can also incorporate company wellness challenges. These types of programs encourage healthy habits among employees and help them to feel more engaged in their work.

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to hire and retain top talent. Ensure that your employees stick around for a long time by listening to them. Then, you can make the changes you need to create a satisfactory work environment.