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~ by Kara Masterson ~

When you look at the ways that modern businesses market themselves, you can assume that most use a combination of web and mobile marketing. These are just the ways that many consumers search for and find information. They are never far from the Internet, and it’s convenient to find out about their favorite brands on their mobile device. 

We have seen that many people with a professional background in marketing, like individuals who have earned their MBA online, will recommend a combination of digital and mobile marketing. They believe that such marketing strategies will help their client brands succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

Here are four innovative marketing strategies that brands often use to reach their targeted web and mobile audiences. 

1. Be selective 

Marketing experts will recommend that clients be selective about which social media platforms they use for transmitting electronic messages. There are more platforms than most businesses would ever have time to use.

2. Represent the business culture

Experts will suggest which core branding concepts best reflect a company’s ownership, history, and current business culture. They will set these concepts down in the marketing strategy and then help the owners choose the best investment for their marketing dollars.

3. Tap into employee insights

Employees see the needs of customers from their position. Study their insights on how customers benefit from your products or services. They can write important pieces that give customers insights into this type of company information, almost like insiders who are dying to share a secret. Employees may be asked to contribute their voices to different marketing efforts. Their contributions can always be refined for each specific reading audience. Employees might write snippets of text for web and mobile audiences, especially for the company’s blog and Facebook pages.

4. Keep the company founder/owner on good behavior

A business owner sometimes shares the company’s next focus, especially through a Podcast, a Tweet, a Facebook post, or a blog post. This generally means that the owner must govern his or her personal behavior so as not to conflict with the company brand. People who love the brand will want to know as much as they can about the history of the company and what makes the owner tick.

Marketing a business takes a lot of planning, but all efforts should reinforce the company’s mission and purpose. A business owner might work with a marketing expert to select the right brand concepts and then distribute them to mass audiences on the right digital and mobile platforms.

Meet the Author: Kara Masterson

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family.