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Often the mark of a good businessperson is the ability to think outside the box. Startups across the country are going up in record numbers. Much of this can be attributed to the access and affordability of being able to go into business for yourself. However, too much access can cause overcrowding in the market, which leads to low success percentages. One of the most common alternatives is to seek business opportunities outside of the country. Therefore, the following list contains some of the best choices to consider when attempting to grow internationally.


Needless to say, owning and operating a franchise can be a very difficult thing to accomplish, let alone obtaining one. Once you are in a position where this is possible, the establishment of your franchise may be better suited outside of your country. Take KFC in Japan, for example. KFC franchise owners, when they first proposed the idea of introducing it to a foreign market, were called crazy. However, KFC is amongst the most popular fast food choices for the people of Japan today. Always make sure to do your due diligence before taking the plunge. This means understanding what a foreign government allows and doesn’t allow in terms of food, advertising, and anything regarding the day-to-day of the business. Don’t think that the process will be as streamlined as it is here in America.

Vacation Properties

When it comes to vacation properties, we often don’t think of them as a business opportunity. After all, people purchase these properties for vacation homes when traveling. However, there has been an increasing interest in these properties as a means to create a successful business. One of these is the fact that they are not only a tangible property that you can use on your time off, but they also produce income the minute you leave (if you find tenants). According to Alex Garridos Real Estate, a local property manager can act as a middleman between you, the property owner, and your guests. Before you invest in these properties, there are a few things you must do. First, you must understand the laws of the IRS. From what classifies as a vacation home and what classifies as an investment to the taxes, you must pay on those returns. Don’t fall for the incredible location and low price if the surrounding community or government is unstable. Often these properties are low because they have experienced a sudden decline in value.


Say you want to keep your business here in America but cannot afford to hire a whole staff of customer service reps, manufacturers, and warehouse workers. According to Prism HR, even your human relations can be outsourced. Outsourcing has quickly become a go-to route for many business leaders. Outsourcing mundane tasks or processes that may be too expensive here can allow companies to offer cheaper and higher-quality products and/or services to their customers.

Innovations in communication and other technologies have opened the door to the world. Smart business leaders understand the need for this communication because they understand that business opportunities are not only local but international. Follow the list above to begin searching for your perfect business opportunity.

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