~Interview with Jordana Jaffee by Natalia Levey~


Q. Jordana, you have an interesting story about your business journey and you are so loved by the online community you have created. What personal and professional qualities do you attribute that to?

I attribute to a bunch of things but in terms of qualities I’d probably say that I’m really committed to being honest and real with my peeps and it takes a level of bravery to be a little vulnerable and messy because I think that what a lot of us feel like we’re supposed to do is just be an expert, to prove ourselves, our credibility and trustworthiness. And that’s important. But what’s equally important is to remember to show your human side, your messiness, your vulnerabilities because that’s what people need in order to fall in love wit you. That’s what people are craving. You can find experts anywhere but to find an expert who is brave enough to reveal her messiness, her humanness, it increases their credibility and relatability. No one genuinely believes that there’s an expert out there without flaws. When people ‘fess up to them the reaction I see is “Oh, we can trust you even more now, because you are being real with us. People don’t relate to perfectionism.”

Q. Is there a course or several you are dying to take?

I’m the type of person that if I were dying to take a course, I’d be taking it right now. I typically don’t deny myself things like that. I’m focusing on working with a business coach on email sequences, sales funnels, automation, community growth, etc.

Jordana Jaffee

Jordana Jaffee

Q. What is the best business advice you’ve every received?

This actually wasn’t meant to be business advice when I received it. My dad Michael Jaffe once told me something so simple that resonates with me to this day: “Traffic jams don’t last forever.” And I love that because when you’re in a crisis or stuck in your business, the cars will move again. Why do we suffer, why do we get nervous?  We fear about the amount of time we will stay in this state. If we know that we are uncomfortable now, but it won’t last forever, – it’s reassuring.

Q. What do you look for in a business coach?

I hire business coaches for ass-kicking, accountability, strategy, sound boarding.

Q. What has been the most disappointing moment in your life?

Another great question. Right now my mentality about disappointments is that I shift them into lessons and valuable moments.

Going back to the most disappointing moment I’ve had (which turned out to be a blessing): when I graduated college (English major), I went abroad for a year, I came back to New York city. I was obsessed with Oprah. I had an interview to be an intern at Oprah magazine. I thought it was the job I was meant to have. And I didn’t get it. I was horrifies, sulked in bed all day. I was so sad. But in the end it’s a blessing because it led me to the path I needed to be on. I may not have become an entrepreneur if I got it.

Q. What’s the Biggest Misconception About You?

Probably that I’m super outgoing because I’m outgoing online. I’m an introvert. I think online, on video, Periscope, in Facebook groups I present as outgoing. I’m not faking it. I’m genuinely being myself.  IN person I’m a lot more timid and keep to myself.

Q. Do you cook? Have a fave recipe you’d like to share?

I do and love to cook. I’ve always felt like I wouldn’t be able to create my own recipe so another recipe inspired this recipe.

To brown rice pasta add steamed kale, chickpeas, coconut milk and Himalayan pink salt. Delicious!

Q. Do you have a desire to ever write a book?

I do but I don’t anticipate that it would be happening some time soon.

Q. Let’s talk about blogging. Someone I’ve been listening to in a class suggested that blogging is potentially a dying art and It’s more important to have resources page on the site.

I feel I’m more familiar with the word BLOG. It also depends if I follow the person based on how they write. I don’t think blogging is a dying art. 

Q. What is your favorite quote?

“Today was the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. And all is well.”


This interview is from a piece written by Natalia Levey in her Healthy Intent digital magazine. Permission was granted for publishing on Leadershipgirl.com.

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