Is it hard for a woman to become a software developer?

Software developer

Is it challenging for women to break into the tech industry? Well, the short answer is: No! Despite being a male-dominated field, women can work as software developers today.

Though in 2021, only 28.8% of women were working as female developers, things have changed compared to the last decade, and it is changing with campaigns and improved office policies.

But is software development ideal for women? Why would you want to become a female developer? Let’s find the answers to all of these here.

Why are there only a few women in the tech industry?

Before finding out how to get into the industry, let’s see why women are the minority. One of the main reasons is gender bias and lack of mentorship or support to females in the industry.

Another reason is the low rate of women choosing tech as their career. While women have worked in male-dominated fields, 71% of them felt excluded and unsafe, making them leave the company.

Though this has been changing with rigid office policies, there is still a gap. But because efforts are being made to change the culture, women willingly choose tech as their career and break into the industry. Though it may take time to see many women working in tech, what we do now sets the stage for the future.

Can a Woman Be a Software Developer?

Just because the percentage of women in the industry is low, it doesn’t mean women are not cut out for tech jobs. Many women are ruling the tech industry, like Samantha Payne, co-founder and COO of Open Bionics; Elizabeth Varley, CEO and Co-founder of TechHub and others.

So, being a software developer is not impossible for women. Today, women are passionately opting for computer science as their subjects and working in top tech companies globally.

Since the tech industry is ever-evolving, you must learn new languages to compete with others. You should be flexible and adaptable to stay in this industry for long.

How Can Software Development Be a Great Career Choice for Women?

Software development is indeed an excellent career for women. The compensation and the work-life balance that comes with this field cannot be compared to any other field.

Moreover, software development is a growing field with more opportunities and women in this field earn a lot more than women in other industries.

So, it’s a great choice for women. Plus, there is flexibility allowing one to work from home or freelance. Today, many developers are self-taught, so it’s not mandatory to have a degree in computer science to land a tech job anymore.

Therefore, software development for women can be a perfect choice in terms of all these. If you’re looking for good pay with flexible work hours, this is the one for you. You can learn more about it here.

Reasons Women should get into Software Development Today

There are plenty of reasons why becoming a software developer is good for you. Here is why you should get into software development:

1. It’s a creative career

If you’re a creative human, you will love coding. Programming requires a lot of analysis, critical thinking, and creativity. So, you would love the job and enjoy every minute of it. Good creative problem-solving skills is an add-on to any tech job.

2. It’s one of the more flexible career choices you can have

You can freelance, part-time, or work from home as a software developer. It’s very rare to find a field that offers flexibility for people. So if you like working in your pyjamas on weekdays or travelling and working at your convenience, software development can be the perfect career.

3. Need more diversity

When more women get into the industry, situations change. While that shouldn’t be the sole reason to get into tech, it empowers younger women to take the leap of faith and work in a boys-only environment.

4. Every Company Needs Tech Talent

Lastly, the IT field is ever-changing, so software development can be the best if you like a challenging job where there will be learning every day. You need to learn new technical skills on the go and keep improving. Once your fundamentals are proper, you can do any job efficiently.

Tips to Succeed as a Software Developer

If you’re keen on becoming a software developer, here are some tips to help you succeed in your career.

1. Stay Curious

Since we’ve already mentioned that the tech space is ever-evolving, you need to be curious and learn new languages and hone your problem-solving skills. Stay curious, ask questions to senior developers, and make mistakes. That’s the only way you can succeed.

2. Brush your fundamentals

Be so strong in your fundamentals that it’s at your fingertips. You can crack every interview when your fundamentals are proper, so always go through the basics when you get time.

3. Practice everyday

There’s no shortcut to succeeding in any field other than practising. Work on your coding skills every day, try different ways to solve a problem, and be the best version of yourself. If you want to stay ahead of the game, practice and consistency are key.

4. Do freelance work

Apart from work, you can take up freelance jobs or participate in coding challenges hosted by many tech platforms. Working outside the job will build your credibility and improve your skills, making you valuable. When you have more experience, landing your dream job will be a piece of cake.

Final Thoughts

Women in tech are gradually making a mark, so if you’re keen on pursuing computer science in college, go ahead and get that degree. No one can stop you from achieving what you want.

Giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta are increasing women in their workforce. Stay relevant to the industry and get your fundamentals right; you will be able to work as a software developer in your dream company in no time.

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