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Everyone deserves to feel safe when they go to work each day. No matter where you work or what you do, a basic level of safety is something you should be able to count on. However, it may sometimes be necessary to ask whether or not your workplace really is safe. There are a few key things you can examine to find out the truth, so let’s explore three of them right now.

Is the Building Up to Code?

Building codes outline the various guidelines a property must follow in order to ensure the health and safety of those inside. Buildings that aren’t compliant to this code can be penalized heavily, posing both a physical and monetary risk to the people who frequent the property. While newer buildings can be affected by this, older buildings that have not been renovated or updated since a change in the codes are the prime target. If you operate out of an older property, make sure you review the building codes for your area to see if you’re in compliance. One area to look at is fire protection, like sprinklers and alarms, which is something many older buildings lack.

Do You Have Safety Training and Policies?

Safety starts with the individual. As a leader, it’s your job to ensure that those individuals know what to do in the event of a crisis or other issue. That’s why safety training and clearly and visibly stated safety policies are so important. This goes double for a job involving hazardous or dangerous materials. A lack of comprehensive safety training can lead to severe injuries and a risk of lawsuits. Take the time to make sure you have clear safety policies and routine training on them. You should also make sure you have clearly marked any hazards and posting warnings.

Would Everyone Be Safe in the Event of an Emergency?

When things do go awry, what is the plan? If your answer is that you don’t know, you’re not doing your job right. Everyone in the building during an emergency needs to be able to make it to safety. Pay attention to how many exits are in your building and how easy they are to reach. It’s also essential to make sure that doors aren’t locked from the outside. Learn about security vulnerabilities like gaps in cameras and places that could be broken into. Above all else, foster an environment of safety and preparedness before things go wrong.

Safety is integral to any workplace. Consider these three questions to find out if your workplace really is safe and how to fix it if it isn’t.

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