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Job satisfaction is much more than a good paycheck. It’s about doing something that makes you feel good, being valued by fellow employees, and feeling like what you do is making a real difference in someone’s life. Some of the most gratifying jobs involve working directly with children.

These same jobs are also some of the hardest on the market today. Working with the younger generation requires an excess supply of energy, a lot of patience, and the ability to smile when you would rather scream.

If your true calling is to work with children, take a look below for some job ideas for people who love working with kids. 

A teacher must possess the patience of a saint and the wit of a comedian. It all starts with a love of children and deep-rooted respect for the power of transforming a youngster’s life through education. What’s great about teaching is there are so many avenues to take. Teaching English to kids overseas, helping high schoolers master science, preparing them for their futures, or laying the fundamentals of a person’s entire education in elementary school are all things you can do with a teaching certificate.

Best Job Opportunities for Rewarding Work with Children 1Coaching
Similar to a good teacher, a stellar coach can turn a child’s life around. Youth sports are an optimal choice for building self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. A top-notch coach can help teach life lessons while building a child’s personal character.

Best Job Opportunities for Rewarding Work with Children 2Special Development
Some kids need a little extra attention. Children with learning disabilities, autism or behavioral problems need someone to help with education, and even daily life. You might benefit from a master in nursing online degree or something similar here since much of what you’ll do will be health or physical education in nature.

Best Job Opportunities for Rewarding Work with Children 3Pediatrician
High-quality medical care can be the difference between life and death. It’s the veteran physician who still responds to his or her pager at the wee hours of the morning. It’s the highly compassionate pediatrician who is there when you need them the most – even if it’s a false alarm. Whether it’s a pulmonologist, cardiologist or orthopedist, caring for a child’s needs can bring deep feelings of satisfaction.

Finding your niche is what life is all about. No job is perfect, and even the best ones have their downsides, but when you do what you truly enjoy, it’s worth it. Kids are packed full of the innocence, vigor and pure joy we spend much of our adulthood yearning. Having the opportunity to partake in their growth and development truly is a blessing.

Best Job Opportunities for Rewarding Work with Children 4

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