How to Keep Your Employees Healthy and Happy

~by Anica Oaks~


Many experts agree that companies that find ways to keep employees engaged outperform their counterparts. Although employees care about pay, when job satisfaction is high they are happier and enjoy coming to work. They remain more loyal to the company. Happy workers tell people why. That message helps the organization attract and keep talented people.

Clearly Defined Mission

An important part of creating business value is a clearly defined mission. A company’s mission is its heart and tells the world what it is about and declares how they intend to make a difference. The goal of the mission statement is to align brand and culture with a higher purpose and thus give employees a strong sense of why they should engage.

Importance of Each Contribution

job satisfactionEmployees need to know the value they provide to the company. They want to know that what they do helps achieve the mission. Managers must challenge employees to reach higher, and then support them throughout the challenge. This process builds trusts and creates growth.

Honest, Open Two-Way Communication

Open, honest and transparent communication is one of the highest contributors to employee engagement, and it costs nothing. As a manager, it is critical to listen. Managers must support a way for employees to talk about the workplace issues. An occupational safety consultant with a safety master’s degree says constant communication can go a long way towards convincing employees of the importance of their company’s health and safety practices.

Another component of two-way communication is performance feedback. Don’t wait to offer feedback. Immediate praise for a job well done or constructive criticism after lesser outcomes provides workers with the guidance that helps them feel good about job performance.

Incentivize Good health

For most people, health is a result of habits. Good habits equate to a healthy lifestyle. Behaviors are difficult to change. The process requires discipline and persistence. The first step is education. Show employees the benefits of replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Offer incentives. Provide company scrip earned by achieving fitness goals. Workers can spend these on fitness-related items. Contests also work to get people involved. Hold a walk where participants receive a discount to a health club. Offer some financial help with a life insurance policy for those who quit smoking or lose weight. Be creative and focus on improving employee health.


Happy, healthy employees make a company strong. Creating this atmosphere may take time, but the results are well worth the effort. What better competitive advantage could a business have than happy, healthy and dedicated employees?

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Meet the Author: Anica Oaks

Anica OaksAnica is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean and anything outdoor related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here.


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