Keep It All In Perspective

Keep It All In Perspective

One of the hardest things to do at work, or in life is to keep it all in perspective.  At the end of the day, what is the real cost of a mistake?  What is the benefit to you of doing something, or meeting a deadline?  What will people remember about you when you’re dead?

Sometimes life, work, and family get hectic beyond belief.  Things don’t go right.  And you just have to deal with it.  Sometimes things go very right.  It’s just that you are so focused on the end goal, that you lose sight of what really matters.  I think that you have to make a point of stepping back, and thinking every so often.  Is what you’re doing going to get you to your goal?  Do you have a goal?

Where are you going and why are you in this handbasket?

You Must Keep It All In Perspective

Think about what you’re doing- whether it’s a major project at work, or a dinner that is badly burned.  Maybe you are just focused so intently on the end goal, that you forgot to check to make sure you’re headed the right direction.

The things in life that matter most are God, Health, Family, and Financial Resources to take care of the family.  It’s important to not lose sight of those things.  Step back, pause.  Take a minute to think.  How is what you’re doing taking care of those things?  Your career should be something you enjoy, but it is a means to an end- making money to bring home to your family, to keep your family going.  If you are lucky, you will get healthcare insurance through your job.  But think about whether the career is serving your needs.  Keep it all in perspective, and keep focused on the things that really matter.


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