Large Size Paper Airplanes And Plants Do Not Mix

The airplaneI’m really not sure what I was thinking.  My son came to me with a beautiful smile, and asked me to build him a paper airplane.  The piece of paper?  Oh, just a piece of poster board.  You know- the kind of poster board that kids use to make presentations for school, like my older son is currently doing.  After he asked me so sweetly, I kindly crafted him a snazzy paper airplane out of poster board.  My mistake.  I’m not really sure what I thought he was going to do with it.

Of course, the first thing he did was throw it across the kitchen, and straight into the lovely plant that someone sent me last week.  I should have known.  I am well aware that very large size paper airplanes and plants do not mix.  My poor plant was decapitated by the vicious plane.

Really, as a parent, I need to start asking my kids what they plan to do with things once they have them.  Or maybe I need a bigger drink so I can be oblivious.  Yes.  Parenting fail.  My fault.  He is tremendously pleased with myself, so I guess I’ll get over the poor plant being shot.

Do you care to commiserate with me?  What things have your kids destroyed lately?


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