~by Haley Lynn Gray~


Leadership is many things. One of they key attributes of Leadership is following through. Do what you say you will do.  How up on time, every time. Be there when someone needs you. Follow through until things are done. Get the job done. Fully done. Be trustworthy, so that people will know that they can rely on you and follow you. Without following through, people will not trust you, and will not follow. Very simple. Follow through consistently. Enthusiastically. Regularly.

The downside of following through is knowing when to say no. Don’t accept challenges, or work that you know that you cannot do. That is very hard to do. Refusing to do things that you cannot or will not do is a requirement though, because you won’t be following through on those things. If you fail to say that you can’t do something, then you are setting people up with false expectations that you will get the job done, when clearly that isn’t happening. Don’t let this happen to you.

Do what you say you will do. Don’t do what you say you will not do. Very simple. Not so easy to follow through on. Leadership is following through on that, though.

Can you do it?


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