Leadership Tip- Be Genuine

Leadership Tip- Be Genuine

In order to be a leader, you have to have the trust of people around you.  One tip I have for you is to be genuine.  Be yourself, who you really are.  Most people can spot a fraud from about 20 miles away.  They are too bubbly.  Too bouncy.  Too hyper.  Too much.

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Since people can spot fakes at a pretty good distance, it’s really not worth spending the time or energy developing a persona that is not your own.  You must be you, because no-one else can be.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you stop trying to get better about doing things.  Or learning, or improving yourself.  I am my own biggest project.  But, neither do I lie about who I am, or  try to make myself seem like someone I’m genuinely not.  I think that is part of my charm.  It is also part of yours.

If you are genuine, people may or may not like who you are, but they will respect you.  And if someone don’t like you as you are, then they aren’t going to like you anyways.  But Respect is a different thing entirely.  It is a requirement in business, and in life.  You can’t have respect of others if you are not genuine and real.


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