Leadership has become one of those buzzwords in the business world, and in academic circles.  People talk about leadership classes, leadership academies, and more.  But what are the leadership traits that they are attempting to teach?

5 Leadership Traits

  1. See what needs to be done, and pitch in and do it.  That means rolling up your sleeves, and get the job done.  Even when it’s not so easy.  It also means doing things that aren’t your job, or your responsibility.
  2. Be Trustworthy consistently.  People will trust when they know that you are consistent in your words and actions.  You have to be someone they can rely on, without being a doormat.  They will be willing to follow your lead if you don’t let them down unnecessarily.
  3. Claim credit for what you’ve done.  Women are particularly bad about this one.  We tend to downplay the magnitude of what we’ve done.  I am the world’s worst, and when people tell me how wonderful I am, I have the hardest time just biting my tongue, and saying, “Thank you”, instead of something inane.
  4. Be Persistent.  All those cliches about Rome not being built in a day are true.  Leadership is learned, and not innate.  You have to learn the skills, and practice them, and become them.
  5. Build Relationships.  Leadership is about relationships, and building trust with people.  Most things in life are about relationships, and they are key to success in life, work, and in most aspects of life.

What key traits do you admire in leaders?