Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates

Amazon Product Photography

Amazon is a visual site, and images are the most effective way of capturing attention. In addition, people want all information quickly, so you need pictures or videos that give them what they’re looking for in just seconds instead of long-winded product listings. Also, the latter can use every keyword imaginable but won’t rank high on this platform without a good content strategy. Keep these two things in mind when uploading your main thumbnail picture (or logo), as well.

With 76% of US adults preferring to shop online, your product will likely be left on the shelf if it fails to appeal to potential buyers. Product photography for Amazon allows you to show off what makes a particular item unique while also demonstrating its quality and beauty in ways that words alone cannot do justice for.

Product photography enhances the visual appeal of an online advertisement by showcasing products in a captivating way that entices potential shoppers to make purchases. It is one of the essential aspects of selling products online because consumers want visuals for their purchases. It’s used in both offline and digital advertising, such as magazine ads or company websites; sometimes, you will even find these pictures on billboards. First, we must understand why this matters so much if your goal is to make more money off people looking at what they would like to purchase without actually purchasing anything yet.

Moreover, visualization helps us process information better because it engages our senses with visuals relevant to what’s being shown. This way, when we look at a chart showing search queries per minute on Google’s homepage (about 2 million) or an airline seat map created from airport photos by the Biography team – things become much clearer.

Furthermore, data visualization is an effective tool to communicate information so that people can easily understand it. 90% of what we process through our brain’s left side (the visual region) comes from visuals, so it makes sense why businesses should use data-driven graphics when they need more than just text on paper or screens all across their company website(s).

Tips To Boost Conversion With Product Photography

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 1

Amazon has created an algorithm for ranking sellers on amazon.com. As part of this, they have outlined several guidelines that can help improve your chances of success when selling photography through their website or app. First, ensure all images are titled adequately with keywords, so customers know what product it’s related to without having too many generic searches-like “photo” to find yours easily; another tip would be adding details about individual items such as size ( Administration/Trade Size), manufacturer.

The power of photography is undeniable. From stunning landscapes to cute animals, photographs capture the world as it looks and feels–not sugar-coated through rose-colored glasses as some taglines might do.

In this day and age where social media advertisements are becoming more popular than ever before, there’s no shortage when you need captivating images for your company page or profile pictures on Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, did you know that these pretty photos have been proven time after time for their ability to not only attract new followers or visitors and convince them into purchasing whatever product is being offered?

So, let’s face it, pictures are way more engaging than text. If you want your customers to take an interest in what they’re looking at and buy from you – then why not make their experience as easy-breezy and exciting as possible? One great way of doing this is by turning those stunning product images into mini salespeople for yourself. 

So, do you want to take your Amazon product photography from good to great? We’ve got the secrets! These simple tips and tricks will help you create some of those elusive, eye-catching images that customers can’t stop scrolling through. So what are you waiting for? Start reading and get clicking!

1. Set A Scene

When people want to buy something, they don’t just look at the product. If it’s an apparel item like clothing or accessories, customers need context to imagine wearing those items and ultimately purchase what you’re selling. So, make sure that is clear by providing appropriate images.

The power of context is a well-known psychological phenomenon that allows your customers to visualize themselves using the product, which spikes up the desire for ownership. So take advantage by showcasing products in their natural environments, with other items they would likely own or enjoy alongside it – especially if you have great photos.

2. Convey Emotions

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 2

One of the most powerful ways to get people into your online store is through images. Stories and emotions can be drawn out just as quickly, which means that even if they don’t purchase anything else on-site – at least yet!- you’ve gained a visitor for life in this person who was moved by what they saw.

The right combination of photography, setting, and model is key to attracting customers with emotionally engaging product images. Products can be more successful when paired up by an expert photographer who has a good eye for capturing authentic moments that speak volumes about how the user feels using them.

3. Proper Environment

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 3

Why take product photos on a plain white background? Most eCommerce stores do this, but there are better ways to edit and integrate your images into web pages. Take advantage of environments that will help give context for what you’re selling. 

If it’s office supplies, then maybe incorporating an item nearby such as glue or paper clips would be suitable while focusing more heavily around just those items to show off their individual qualities through isolation rather than having everything mixed chaotically.

4. Read Audience

The human brain processes visual signals faster than sound, which means that people will react differently to a picture as opposed to those who appreciate both visuals and sounds. So to ensure you’re appealing to your desired audience, take time to understand their preferences in terms of what type or style they prefer before implementing anything on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

The key to successful marketing is figuring out what images will work for your target audience. For instance, a picture of a beautiful woman might be more effective if it’s being shown on social media by someone who wants their users’ attention drawn towards them rather than just advertising some product without context. Similarly, churches can evoke very different reactions depending upon whether they’re liberal versus conservative.

5. Shoot with Models

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 4

Include people in your product photos. For instance, if you sell headphones and want to show off the best features, such as noise isolation or bass response – use an image with someone wearing them while listening through one set of earbuds.

It will significantly increase conversion rates compared to plain headphone shots that are just sitting there looking boring on a simple backdrop.

6. Eye Tracking Trick

When using human photos in your product images, it is vital to consider what the person beside you looks at. Research has shown that viewers will follow their lead and look at whatever they are focusing on most strongly.

So, suppose a model poses with an item while holding onto another object like soy sauce or rice paper napkins, for instance. In that case, she should aim to ensure both objects get equal attention from photographers since this could promote confusion among potential customers who may think one specific thing.

7. Stack Photos

In addition to one image per product, most eCommerce stores also have a gallery or slideshow with images that showcase the best features of each item. However, having multiple pictures allows you to showcase your things in different lights and angles, making it easier for visitors who want more than just seeing what’s inside.

Showcasing the details of your products is crucial to getting consumers interested in them. For example, if you are selling a pair of shoes with unique features such as stitched detailing or perforated leather on its toe box, then have close-up photos that showcase these things so potential buyers can see what they will get before purchasing.

8. Enable Sharing

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 5

Social media is a powerful tool for content promotion and marketing. With the rise in popularity of image-driven social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat, there has been an increase in how often posts are shared via photos rather than words alone (which can be seen by looking at your feed). 

This also means that text-heavy Twitter feeds may need to incorporate more images if they want their audience’s attention long enough until someone else shares something interesting enough with them.

9. How to handle non-physical products?

Showing a physical representation of your product helps customers imagine what it’s like to have the real deal, even if your product is not physical. For example, if you sell download-only software or ebooks but still want people to see how amazing they are, then show off some screenshots from inside programs with representations that look just as good. 

To make your product seem more tangible and real, you can use screenshots or other representations of the software. Make sure these images match up well, so there aren’t any discrepancies between screenshots and reality – especially when printing costs vary per individual based on their size requirements.

In Simple Terms

Learn Amazon Product Photography To Improve Conversion Rates 6

  • You should show the customer what they will get. 
  • To do so, have various pictures with different angles of each product. 
  • Then explain it in detail for them to understand how awesome this purchase will be. 
  • You can also use a picture that makes people smile while using one if you know any customers who would enjoy having something like that captured on film or pixels.
  • If your product has any hidden feature or quality that makes it unique – then show that. For example, if the shoes that you sell have a comfortable sole – include a picture to let your customers know.
  • Another thing to add is that instead of just using images for Products and Customers, you can also use size charts or graphics that describe the product clearly.


When you’re creating a website, the aesthetic of your site needs to stay cohesive. For example: if one page is in bright colors and another has darker hues. As a result, there will be more of an accent around these lighter shades, which could pull focus away from them or give off mixed messages about what kind of content might lie beneath.

Remember, your product photographs are not just Another Painting. They need to have some sort of consistency and formatting in order for them to stand out against the rest as an integral part of this website you spent hours designing.

Another thing that benefits you well is showing some of your best reviews from the customers. Making sure your best reviews and feedback are seen by potential customers is an excellent way of ensuring that they will buy from you. If you have any trouble making it to this stage, contacting professional Amazon photography services will help you sort it out.

So, the answer to the million-dollar question – Yes, it’s true. One of the first things that a person notices about a product is its visual appeal, and if they like what they see, then there’s no doubt in their mind who has won this battle – YOU! 

Your goal as an online seller should not be only to have “pretty” pictures for your store but also ones loaded with logos or other identifying marks so potential customers can quickly identify exactly how awesome your products really are.








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