Living With a Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller

Living With a Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller

When my oldest daughter started Girl Scouts, she would sell a couple hundred boxes of cookies per year.  It is fairly easy to get to a couple hundred in our family- call all of the relatives, post an order form at work, go door to door in the neighborhood, and work a couple of cookie booths.  Life was great until my youngest daughter entered first grade, and decided that as a first grader she was going to sell 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  And so it started.  For two months each year, we live, eat, and breathe cookies.  That’s what happens when you’re living with a top Girl Scout Cookie seller – or two.

As a first grader, she was always into selling cookies.  She had a goal- to attend the superstar destinations party at the end of the cookie sale.  I told my younger daughter that was crazy, and that almost no-one did that.  I was quickly proved wrong.  She sold 589 boxes.  Her sister, not to be outdone, sold 624 boxes that year.  The race was on.  They were willing to go door to door, stand out in freezing weather, and do whatever it took to sell a gazillion cookies.  The two of them are… enthusiastic about this.

In the years since, they’ve both passed the lifetime 5,000 boxes sold mark. Now, they’re both working on the lifetime 10,000 mark.  I’ve had plenty of people comment that I must be driving the girls to do this, and reach these goals.  Actually, I try to talk them into nice, safe, and sane goals- like 500 boxes in a year.  This year, the goals are 2000, and 2620 boxes for the girls.  Apparently they don’t listen to me.

So, we have a garage full of Girl Scout Cookies- around 6000 boxes of them right now.  We go to cookie booths almost every day, weather permitting.  My oldest carries boxes of cookies to school to sell.  It’s about setting goals, and standing in the cold, smiling and bubbly, even when we don’t feel like it- to reach a tough goal.  We count cash boxes, inventory, and we make signs.  Actually, now that the girls are older, they count the money first, and we verify that it’s correct.  Every day is about selling cookies, cookies, and more Girl Scout Cookies for two months each year.  Until we get to the end of the sale.  Then we get a break.  Until the next year…

Girl Scout Cookie Season is a great time of year- it is about so much more than the cookies.  Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?


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