Make Deposits to Build Relationships

Make Deposits to Build Relationships

In every relationship, there is give and take.   There has to be a balance between the giving and the taking.  Giving is Making a Deposit.  Taking is making a Withdrawal.  You must make a lot of deposits to build relationships.  In general it takes 7-10 deposits for every withdrawal.  Withdrawals can come in many forms- a negative comment, a favor you need someone to do, and anything that requires either a concession or a gift from the other person.

What are some ways you can make deposits to build relationships?

  • Put 5 coins in your pocket each morning, and make a point of complimenting people, or saying something nice to them.  For each one you do, you move another coin to the pocket on the other side.  When all 5 coins have been moved, you have made 5 deposits.  Make it a goal to make at least 5 deposits per day.
  • I’m a believer in Random Acts of Kindness, and will randomly do things in the workplace, like bring in doughnuts.  Since I am frequently asking people to do things for me, I make a point of doing similar things fairly often.
  • Keep in touch with people, and ask them out for lunch, or other activities.

In short, you need to be making a lot of deposits before making withdrawals, and it isn’t always easy.  Making deposits is something that you have to practice, and may not come naturally, or easily.

What are ways that you make deposits?

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