Make Money From the Comfort of Your Home

August 17, 2015

~by Nate Vickery~


Have you been wondering how you can make money from your own home?

Making a living, and earning a substantial amount of money, while sitting in the coziness of your living room or, even better, a specially designed study, is a dream for most people. Yes, we all know guys who claim that they like meeting people and working with them in person, but they are not the majority. When you need people, you go and see your friends. Working from home is even more suitable for new moms and women who take care of their little children. But how can they actually earn money?

Make Money from Home

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Share Your Experience

In schools we are taught theoretical knowledge. But many of us can share our own adventures and events, which can encourage others to do the same, or help them to avoid any unpleasant ones. From business advice to raising assertiveness in your clients, you can be someone’s virtual assistant.

Sell Sewed Items

The great thing about the Internet is that you can work on it, but you can also make a living by using it only as a means, like for selling your real-world products. If you are at home but want to earn extra dollars, sewing scarves or socks for babies, as an example, could be a relaxing and lucrative activity.

Artistic Homemade Jewelry

A craft that is halfway between sculpting and fashion, making your own jewelry demands a lot of skills and time. Like with many other creative ideas, you can check this Pinterest home-made jewelry advice.

Custom-made Cookies

This activity can be a fine source of money for anybody. Entire families can join their forces to make birthday cakes or little cookies. Even women who are employed use this skill for earning additional money on weekends. However, pay attention to strict rules about selling any homemade food and get the proper licenses.

Good with Words? Go and Write!

Word has it that J.K. Rowling got her initial idea about Harry Potter at a train platform, waiting for a train. She wrote it on a napkin. You can never tell what talents are hidden inside you. If your essays were praised in high school, try to recall that period. Write blogs, jokes, puns, articles. Submit them to different websites. You might end up getting a decent income from writing.

Look after Neighbors’ Kids

If you are already at home keeping an eye on your own babies, why not expand the crew and get a few extra dollars? You could spread the word in the hood that you are willing to look after their kids when they are at work or attending social occasions.

Online Investing

Women know how to make ends meet. Many of them are in charge of their family budget, while men seem to be less skilled at handling money. You can invest in bonds or stocks and see what happens. Of course, first you have to get acquainted with the way those online systems work. There are quite few examples on how to win on stocks and improve your financial situation.

Get out and Move

Sitting at home all day long can be bad for your physical health; it can be mentally tiring as well. However, some part-time jobs, like walking dogs, can be a great combination of fun and earning. What’s more, animals usually have a positive effect on our health.

There are various ways you can make money from the comfort of your own home. By combining a few of them, you could keep yourself motivated and never get bored with them, which is often the case with a single job. They will make you feel better, contribute to the budget and still allow you time for your children.

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Nate Vickery - Make Money from Home

Nate Vickery

Meet the Author: Nate M. Vickery

Nate Vickery is an entrepreneur and business consultant from Sydney, Australia. He’s always looking for ways to earn some side money from home that help him and his fiancée with their home budget. He enjoys spending his free time on the beach with his dog.




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