Marissa Mayer Biography – Business Insider

August 25, 2013

I just got done reading this very long, very detailed article about Marissa Mayer.

Marissa Mayer Biography – Business Insider.

I think that it’s worth taking the time to read and digest.  It talks about her style of leadership- analytical, and very data driven.  She wants to know the ins and outs of every decision being made, which is frequently very important to being a successful leader.  After all, it can be super difficult to lead, and make complex decisions if you don’t understand the implications.  I think that it also is somewhat a cautionary tale about living the possibility of ending up in a glass house, and simply becoming a figurehead, rather than mining the data, and verifying that the information being presented is accurate.

The things that I don’t think she does particularly well are delegate, and people skills are, by all accounts, fairly weak. That’s probably because she thinks of business in terms of business first, people second.  She is, however, creating a particular culture at Yahoo, and for both good and bad, she is improving morale, and people are working much harder, willingly, so it isn’t all bad.

What do you think of Marissa Mayer’s leadership style? Do you think that she’s particular effective or ineffective?  What things do you think she does well, and which things does she do not so well?


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6 Most Annoying Myths about Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Women in business still face prejudices and stereotypes that their male counterparts don’t have to deal with. Changing attitudes and new opportunities are giving female entrepreneurs and business leaders a chance to shine.

Secrets to Being an Outstanding Public Speaker

Professional speakers understand that the center of attention should be the audience, not themselves.

3 Tips For Building the Next Generation of Leaders

One of the most important parts of my life is building the next generation of leaders. I find that no matter where I am, and who I am working with, there are a few things I find myself doing over and over again.

Leadership Is About Making Hard Decisions

Leadership is all fun and games. Until it’s not. Being a leader, and being in a leadership position is about making hard decisions.

1 Leadership Tip – Build up Others

There are plenty of tips out there for leadership.  In this article, we will talk about 1 leadership tip – build up others.


“Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher

3 Tips for Job Success

I am often asked for tips on how to succeed, so I thought that I’d offer up simple tips for job success. They apply everywhere, regardless of industry, and work anywhere.

Negotiate Everything

Nearly everything in life is negotiable to some extent or another. This has been a realization that has been particularly slow to come to me, because I was raised to do what I was told to do without asking questions, and certainly without ever negotiating over the details. On the contrary, you should negotiate Everything.

More Advice for New Entrepreneurs from Fellow Entrepreneurs

These wonderful people have so much to share and are so willing to help other entrepreneurs. I couldn’t let all this wonderful advice be limited to those in my Facebook group, so I decided to share their entrepreneurial tips in my blog and newsletter.

My Kids, The Sociology Experiment

Being a parent is one long sociology experiment. I’d say that is particularly true if you have middle or high school kids in your house.

Are Boy Scouts Better Than Girl Scouts?

Someone on my Facebook Circle posted an article on my page that said Boy Scouts would be better with girls. In it, he says that Boy Scouts is a great Leadership program, while Girl Scouts is not.

Think Win-Win

Think Win-Win. This is the fourth habit of highly effective people, from Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

5 Simple Tips – Put First Things First

“Put First Things First” is the third habit in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. What exactly does that mean?

Advice for New Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs Who’ve Been There

I am so blessed to be part of a community of entrepreneurs and experts in their field. They all have so much to offer, and I wanted to share their tidbits of wisdom with other entrepreneurs – especially for those who are just starting out.

8 Steps to Getting Unstuck in Your Career

There are a host of feelings and internal messages that let you know something is not quite right with your career path. When you recognize that this is your current emotional state, you may come to realize that you are stuck. The great news is this state is not permanent.

Notable Women in Motorsport: A Brief History

All jokes aside, women can drive. For some reason, there’s a stigma around women drivers with the underlying notion that they are notoriously bad at things like parallel parking. Not so! In fact, women in motorsport have been around pretty much since the start of motorsport events.

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a True Business Leader

Becoming a leader in your business and industry is much easier than it may seem. If you have the right personality and tenacity, then you can turn yourself into a business leader in four simple steps.

What NOT to do in Facebook Groups – AKA Confessions of a Group Owner

I started the 60,000 strong Women’s Entrepreneur Network Facebook Group in May, 2015. It has been through a lot of ups and downs, but there are always those moments when you wonder as a group owner what exactly people are thinking. So, I’m going to share some of those here.

Announcing the First Annual Leadership Girl Live Summit

The First Annual Leadership Girl Live Summit, taking place at the beautiful Doyle’s Vineyard in Durham, NC, begins on Friday, September 22nd and concludes on Sunday, September 23rd, 2017 – connecting women entrepreneurs together to foster deeper relationships to drive community and collaboration.

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I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t made more than my fair share of mistakes and that I haven’t had my fair share of frustrations with building the Women’s Entrepreneur Network group on Facebook. But now it’s a dynamic, fun, ever-changing group. Here are some things I learned while building my Facebook group.

Hearing Crickets When You Post on Social Media? Don’t Give Up

Though it’s actually been a little while, it feels like it was just yesterday that I first started posting on Facebook and other social media sites and blogs. I remember it all too well. I had this great, if not naive, idea that I’d write fantastic content from my little MBA brain, and people would adore it, and share it, and it would instantly go viral. It didn’t quite go as planned.

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It’s part of being human to want to be liked or even loved by everyone. The reality is that not everyone is going to love you, your business, your message – even your hair color.  There will be people who think you’re too pretty, too ugly, too tall, to short, too fat, too thin, too loud, too boisterous, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter who you are, someone will find a reason to not like you.

My Top Lessons of the Year and My Resolutions

To say that 2016 was a rough year in my life would be an understatement. Aside from all the challenges, this year also brought me a tremendous number of lessons.

Let’s All Make the World a Better Place

My challenge to you as 2016 comes to an end is to find one way that you can make the world a better place.

Mindset and Problem Solving in Your Business

Mindset isn’t just the latest buzz in the entrepreneurial world; it’s a real thing. Mindset is a beautiful and important thing when you’re growing your business. But mindset is only part of the equation.

My Thanks for a Year of Blessings

November is inevitably that month every year when people start gratitude journals and make charitable contributions. It’s also that time of year when I look over the previous year and start to count my many blessings.

Entrepreneur Interview – Caroline Sumners

Caroline Sumners is the founder of marketing agency, Fifty One Degrees. With 18 years experience in marketing roles across multi-national corporations, Caroline helps SMBs to stand out in the market place with incentive travel & events planning, as well as social media management and marketing consultancy. Caroline has a degree in International Relations, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and often shares her workspace with her Miniature Schnauzer, Rufus.

5 Secrets of Successful Female Business Leaders

~by Skornia Alison~ . Women have come a long way in their pursuit of becoming business leaders in the corporate world. Today, we have successful female business leaders who are working side by side with their male counterparts. Business leaders like Irene Rosenfeld,...

Six Habits All Good Leaders Have in Common

~by Brooke Chaplan~ Leaders today, whether in school systems, politics or business, all seem to share a certain amount of common traits and habits. By exploring a few of these habits here, you may be able to spot the leaders you're surrounded by, the traits you share,...

Kitten Update

I posted a few months ago about living my principles, and the kitten I had adopted. Fifi is now 6 months old.  He had surgery in June to correct the vascular ring defect.   First, they performed a CT-Scan on him, and determined that he does, indeed have a defect in...

Leadership Has Different Meanings

It is interesting to see how much the term "leadership" is used these days.  Eagle Scouts, and Girl Scout Gold Awards are leadership projects.  Clubs try to teach leadership, and Ravenscroft has started a phenomenal program to teach and instill leadership in the kids...

Leading From Within

A lot of times you're going to see problems with an organization that you work with.  Honestly, you'll probably always see opportunities for improvement.  The easiest way to get to real, sustained improvement is by leading from within the organization.  Pointing out...

Giving Back To The Community

A non-trivial percentage of my time is spent giving back to the community, through volunteer work, and through fundraising.  I noted in my profile that I currently lead three Girl Scout Troops, and also that I lead a cub scout den.  I think that giving back to the...

Living Your Principles

I recently adopted three adorable kittens.  Within 24 hours, it was apparent that one of them was ill, and needed veterinary care.  We got him to the vet promptly, and were informed that the little guy has a birth defect- a vascular ring anomaly.  We had two choices....

Encouraging Girls to Lead

  I spend a considerable amount of my time leading three Girl Scout Troops.  One of the biggest gifts that the program gives girls is the opportunity to lead, in ways that other organizations simply don't.  Since there are fundamental differences in the ways in...

Leadership Traits

Leadership has become one of those buzzwords in the business world, and in academic circles.  People talk about leadership classes, leadership academies, and more.  But what are the leadership traits that they are attempting to teach? 5 Leadership Traits See what...

Why Leadership Girl?

Why did I call this blog leadership girl?  Why not call it working mom with four kids, or something else?  I could have named this blog almost anything, but decided to go ahead and name it after who I am, and who I want to be- a girl in the lead.  Never mind that I'm...

Why Are Women Called Names?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Think of any influential woman you know. Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Ariana Huffington, Carly Fiorina, Sarah Palin, Sheryl Sandberg. Now think about the words that are typically used to describe them. Pushy, bossy, bitch. The list goes on....

Delegating Is An Art

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   Knowing your limits can be tricky in the best of times. Figuring out delegating is an art that more people could learn. It's not necessarily easier to start figuring out which tasks can and should be assigned to other team members. I am the...

Keeping Motivated

  Keeping motivated when going after a huge task or goal can be quite challenging.  Add in a lack of maturity, discipline, or other problems, and keeping motivated can be nearly impossible.  A few examples that come to mind are helping girls in my troops finish...

Approach Life Creatively

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ Most people would not exactly classify my life as sane, sedate, or calm in any way. I constantly have new problems thrown in my general direction. Tonight, my youngest was being defiant about eating his dinner with a fork, and was leaving...

Leadership Is Following Through

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   Leadership is many things. One of they key attributes of Leadership is following through. Do what you say you will do.  How up on time, every time. Be there when someone needs you. Follow through until things are done. Get the job done....

Lessons in Generosity

It's that time of year again when we take turns standing outside with our daughter selling Girl Scout Cookies.  We learn so many lessons while we're out selling cookies, but one of the biggest is lessons in generosity.  My children are learning that many times, the...

Head Spinning and Speaking in Tongues. Fluently.

  Sometimes as a parent, I find myself with my head spinning and speaking in tongues.  I really do wonder if I have the right to be so frustrated and annoyed by some of the things that my children do.  Particularly the older children.  You know, things like half...

What Skills Have To Be Taught To Leaders?

 ~by Haley Lynn Gray~ As I work with my oldest daughter on completing her Girl Scout Gold Award which is the highest award a girl can earn in Girl Scouts, I've been learning a lot about leadership. I see the same patterns with my younger daughter on her Silver Award,...

I’m Not Jaded: Don’t Discourage Our Future Female Leaders | LinkedIn

I am exhausted by the stream of content pointing out the lack of women in leadership roles. This might be surprising, considering I went to a high school that carried the motto “Empowering Women.” My closest friends frequently call me a feminist, and the men in my...

Don’t Let Power Get To Your Head

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ It is said that power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.   I'm pretty sure that most of us think of ourselves as good people who know right from wrong. We know what we believe in. So why is it that people start to go bad? Or...

Think Before Taking That Picture

I just had an interesting discussion with my daughter and some friends. They were taking pictures of themselves drinking sparkling grape juice for the New Year's celebration, but one of them (ahem- my daughter) was trying to make it look like it was something more...

Giving Thanks In The Workplace

Too often we tend to take one another for granted in the workplace. People are just there to get their jobs done.  It's just business.  Or is it?  Stop and think for a minute what a simple "thanks" or "Hey, great job" means to someone.  As leaders, we have to remember...

What Women Know about Leadership that Men Don’t – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

No single challenge has been greater for me as a leader than learning how to take better care of the people I lead, and to create a safe, supportive space in which they can thrive. Like most men I know, I grew up with very little modeling around empathy — the ability...

Smarter Planet — How to Build a Leadership Pipeline for Women — A Smarter Planet Blog

Smarter Planet -- How to Build a Leadership Pipeline for Women -- A Smarter Planet Blog.   It is no longer enough to recognize the value of women in the workplace, or even to encourage growth. To meet business objectives in the future, organizations of all sizes...

The Weirdest Things Come Out of My Mouth Sometimes

It is truly amazing what things I hear myself saying some days.  I'm not sure if it is weird, amazing, or frightening, really.  Let's talk about some of the things that I've heard myself say this week. "Daughter, you will Not slide down the banister and land face...

How overbearing bosses cost their companies – MarketWatch

  How overbearing bosses cost their companies - MarketWatch. Read this and heed.  Note that being a good leader is important.  Being overbearing, and not letting others get in a word edge-wise, is not good. I think that if we as leaders will shut up and listen to...

The 5 Traits of Wildly Successful People | LinkedIn

  The 5 Traits of Wildly Successful People | LinkedIn. Some great tips: 1. Chase the School Bus 2. Stray from the pack 3. Create Cork Boards 4. Get on "Qi Time" 5. Play the people game What other habits do you think wildly successful people share?  I can think of...

The Girl Scouts Reinvents Itself For A New Generation – Forbes

  The Girl Scouts Reinvents Itself For A New Generation - Forbes. As a Girl Scout Leader, this isn't anything new.  What I wonder is why the Girl Scouts doesn't advertise itself as the premier leadership program for girls?  It can provide a fantastic business and...

1 Tip for Success – Hold Yourself Accountable

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   So many times in life, it's easy to blame other things for failure.  It is quite possible to come up with thousands of reasons that you fail, when the real reason is looking you in the mirror.  That means you have to take charge of...

5 Tips When Things Go Wrong

If you've lived this life, you know that if something can go wrong, it likely will.  Furthermore, things will go so amazingly wrong, that you pretty much have two choices- laugh or cry.  It is really hard to laugh when it is your career on the line, and people are...

3 Ways Leadership is Hard Work

Getting to a leadership position requires a ton of hard work.  Staying there, requires even more.  I remember as a youngster thinking that once I made a certain amount of money, that I wouldn't have to budget anymore.  Boy was I wrong.  I was equally wrong in my...

Finding leaders starts by listening | LinkedIn

Finding leaders starts by listening | LinkedIn.   From the article: If I had a bigger napkin I would have written this: The Less Simple Formula for Assessing Leadership = Identify the Problem, Find a Solution, Develop a Workable Plan, Inspire Others, Deliver the...

Be Creatively Analytical

Once people get to know me, they start to realize that I'm a people watcher.  I am also extremely creative.  I spend a lot of my time trying to find new and innovative ways to approach a situation and solve problems.  That can be both really cool, or really annoying,...

The Key To Success Is Practice | LinkedIn

The Key To Success Is Practice | LinkedIn. I do believe that the key to success is practice.  By learning to do things extremely well, we will get continually better at them, whether they are sports, negotiation skills, or any other business skill.  ...

How to Differentiate Great Leaders from Good Leaders | LinkedIn

How to Differentiate Great Leaders from Good Leaders | LinkedIn. I thought that this article was interesting.  What's your take on how to differentiate great leaders from good leaders?  It reinforces many of the points that I've previously made.  Great leaders: Are...

The Dark Side of Leadership

I think that leadership is a great thing.  I wouldn't be working on this blog, otherwise.  Leadership can be a lot of great fun, but there is a dark side to it.  If you fail to check yourself periodically, you will be going to the dark side without realizing it.  The...

Leadership Weasel Style

My younger daughter, aka Thing 2, Weaselburger, and One Who Sells Many Cookies has an interesting fashion sense.  It's pretty common for her to modify her outfits with duck tape, or to simply take a pair of scissors to the outfit in question.    I had her sister take...

What Is The Difference Between Management and Leadership?

I just came across a discussion about the difference between management and leadership in the Fuqua Alumni Discussion group.  It came from the WSJ Article titled "What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership?"  To be fair, the two are inextricably linked,...

Is The Term Leadership Overused?

There is a tremendous amount of focus on leadership in the current culture in the USA.  Many corporations have various and sundry "leadership" programs.  Frankly, I'm starting to wonder if the term "leadership" is severely overused, much like the term "cloud...

Sometimes It Is Hard

  Friday I was on vacation, on a boat, in the Galapagos. It is truly a beautiful place.  We were headed out to go hike a remote island, and go snorkeling.  On the way there, the fateful text came.  The question was - my dad was dying.  He had an infection that...

Dig In

Tenacity is a great trait to see in people.  The ability to dig in and stick with a problem, even when things aren't going well, is very important.  At work, at girl scouts, and at home, we're trying to teach people to become problem solvers and leaders.  One of the...

Trust- It’s a Fragile Thing

One of my children is getting a lesson in trust this week, but really I think that this applies to so many things in life.  Trust is easy to gain, but almost impossible to regain once lost.  I know that I have the tendency to want to trust people and believe in them....

My Leadership Style

While I was studying at Duke, I had the opportunity to take a number of surveys, and spent a lot of time reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as well as my leadership style.  At times, the results of the surveys were surprising, and at other times, they were...

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

One of the things that drives me wild in life, and particularly in the work environment are people who tell little white lies.  Or half truths.  If you ask them to do something, they may nod, or say yes, then somehow it never happens.  Often.  Why is that?  I know...

Leadership Isn’t Always Loud

I work in a very highly technical field.  I'd say it's pretty safe to say that most engineers are not exactly outgoing or gregarious.  In fact, most of them can be downright antisocial.  They are introverts, quiet, and they are leaders.  In fact, some of the quietest...

I’m Not Perfect (But Neither Are You)

It's true.  None of us alive is perfect.  I'm not perfect.  I don't walk on water, part the seas, and I'm pretty sure I haven't jumped any buildings in a single bound lately.   The expectation of getting everything 100% correct, 100% of the time is unrealistic.  This...

Motivating Others

Motivating Others to do something can be quite challenging.  Whether it's motivating my children to study in school, do their best at a particular activity, or actually do their chores, it can require a lot of creativity.  Fortunately for me, I get to use those same...

Channel Your Inner Bitch Sometimes

You really do have to channel your inner bitch sometimes.  Not to be cruel, or unkind, or deliberately mean. You need to do it to avoid being walked on like a doormat.  I guess it's part of being a woman- you are raised to always be a good girl, and be nice. Always be...

The Power of Goals

One of the most interesting conversations I have at home with my kids, and at work with my employees is what their goals are in life.  What surprises me so much is how often my kids will state goals, and how infrequently I will hear strong goals out of people at work....

5 Tips to Build Relationships at Work

One of the keys of a good leader is someone who cares for those around themselves, and who has relationships with others.  You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat others.  Networking and building relationships doesn’t necessarily come naturally, especially to women.  So what is a person to do?

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