Do you just want clients, like NOW?

Is marketing a total time suck with no results?

Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Groups...
You Hear Crickets, they're ignoring you, you think you'll just go hide because none of this stuff works anyways and is a total waste of your time.

Let's Change That!

Marketing Doesn't Have to Be a Mystery

Most small business owners I know are frustrated by The Facebook, The Twitter, Websites, SEO, Facebook Ads, Getting Customers, and Spending a fortune each month on getting more customers.  

It can be incredibly frustrating to do what you think you "should" be doing to get clients and instead getting crickets.

That is exactly why I created the Marketing Bootcamp. To help small business owners, just like you grow your business, get more clients, make more money, and KEEP more of that hard-earned money in your pocket, so you can do things like taking your family to Disney for vacation.

I have helped hundreds of small business owners exactly like you with figuring out this whole marketing thing, using techniques that work, save you time, and don't have to cost a ton of money to see real results.
In this 8 week course, we will cover the main social media platforms, plus several other easy ways to market your business, including networking meetings, and online business listings.
What exactly does this class cover?
Here is a week by week breakdown of the content

Ideal clients and messaging 
By identifying your ideal clients, you will be able to target your messaging, and attract the right clients to your business.  
Facebook Profiles and Pages
Create a compelling, and interesting Facebook Profile and page, that will start to attract the right clients to your business. We will discuss the 10 things you MUST do to fine tune your profiles, and the social media rules you must follow and understand.  I will teach you the things I've done to grow my Facebook Business Page to over 8000 likes, and how I run my own personal pages.
Building a Facebook Group
In this class, we will discuss building a Facebook Group, and the exact processes I used to grow my group from 0 to over 60,000 in 2 years, without spending a fortune on ads.  You will learn how to get people into your group without spamming them, adding all of your friends without their permission, and without ending up in Facebook Jail.  We will then cover how to actually get people to engage in the group, so that it isn't a ghost town.   
Growing a Large and Vibrant Twitter Following
In this class, I'm going to teach you the exact steps I've used to grow my twitter following to over 23,000 on one ID, and 10,000 on the other.  We will discuss the ways that you can do this without spending hours a day, and driving yourself nuts. (And why if your employees are taking hours and hours a day to do this for your business, they are wasting your hard-earned money!)
Linked In for Business
In this class, we're going to discuss the things you must do with your Linked In Profile, how to get clients using messaging, and how to get clients using Linked In Groups. 
Instagram and Pinterest
Instagram and Pinterest are powerhouses for businesses for a lot of reasons.  Even if you don't think that your business will lend itself well to these platforms, you may well be surprised by the amount of FREE traffic you can drive to your website by following a few simple steps on a consistent basis.
Networking Meetings for Fun and Profit
Most people I know are scared of local networking meetings, and don't know how to find  good, profitable groups.  They also don't understand the few, simple things you MUST do to grow your business effectively using networking groups, so they assume if they attend one or two and don't get any clients that networking groups don't work.
Tying up Loose Ends
In this class, we're going to tie up the loose ends.  Specifically, we're going to talk about listings on registries online, sending traffic across platforms, and several other marketing techniques, that are simple, but incredibly effective.
The skills I learned in Haley Gray's GMB helped me focus on my business and help me decide what I wanted to get from my business and how to achieve my goals.
I really appreciate how she offered not only the class, but the q and a. It was clear she cared about helping us meet and surpass our goals and helping the group succeed.  I have taken other courses and the material was "good", but it was cold and they didn't allow interaction between the coach and the students. They always led to a "need" to take a more expensive and more intense class.  ~Krista L.
Weekly Q&A Sessions
We will hold weekly Q&A Sessions, to allow you to get your questions answered, so you can move forward.

Private Facebook Group
We created a Private Facebook Group for Members of the Class.  We introduce accountability partners, and encourage you to work together to support each others' businesses.

Lifetime Access to the Course
As social media platforms change, and marketing changes, you may want to stay up to date.  You get access to the course materials for the lifetime of the course.
Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session
Complete all 8 classes, and you will receive a complimentary business coaching session with Haley Lynn Gray (A value of over $300)

Marketing doesn't have to be a huge time sink for your business.  Once you learn the tools and tricks you need to build your business's presence, you will actually be able to get more done in less time.  That will allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business, so you are making more money, taking less time, and being able to life your life the way you choose, without feeling tied to your business.

I know that you are wondering how exactly I mean that you're going to do this.  You might be surprised to know that I have over 115,000 followers on social media, and that I was able to grow that following in just about 2 years with less than 2 hours a day on social media.  

The idea is to teach you how to get the results you need, and the clients you want, in as little time as possible, with the smallest number of dollars possible. That is the power of strategy in business- getting more for less.  

I know that marketing can be frustrating.  Let me teach you how to turn it around.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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The Nitty Gritty Details
Here's the details of the course.

Weekly Training Classes
Our weekly training classes are held at 8:00 PM ET Each Wednesday for 8 weeks, with 2 exceptions- the week of Thanksgiving, and the week of October 10.
Weekly Q&A Sessions are at 2 PM on Fridays each week.    
Every Class is Recorded
We hold the class using Zoom, and record each class, so that you have access to the recordings.
Single Payment
1 time payment of $495
6 Monthly Payments of $99
6 equal payments of $99 for 6 months.