Mental Health Issues That Business Women Should Pay Attention To

Unfortunately, business is traditionally considered a male occupation because it involves risk, fierce competition, the need to make unpopular decisions and work 24/7. There is a stereotype that a woman is by nature softer, more responsible, and more prone to worries and compromises than to irreconcilable wars for market dominance. In addition, she does not devote herself entirely to business, because she must pay no less attention to other areas of life for which she is responsible.

Nevertheless, women not only successfully integrated into the business environment, but also managed to create their own business – a subculture. And it turned out to be excellent: customer-oriented, socially responsible, flexible and focused on achieving win-win results in relations with partners and even competitors.

The European Union, which has a policy of equality of opportunity, has drawn attention to these features and the benefits they generate. And they decided to strengthen and encourage women’s entrepreneurship with the help of specialized programs and expert support. After all, the main problems faced by businesswomen are cultural prejudices and the lack of a favorable environment for doing business.

Women who achieve high results in entrepreneurship often have certain disorders of neurotransmitter metabolism. On the one hand, they allow you to be successful at work, and on the other hand, they predispose you to the development of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, businesswomen don’t pay attention to their health and hardly ever look for female rehab centers on AddictionResource. In any case, owning your own business is a promising undertaking, even if luck does not smile at you right away. But before you take it on, you should mentally prepare yourself for the psychological problems that await you.

1. Hyperresponsibility

If something goes wrong, you will be the last one. As the leader of the organization, you have to make the final decisions, and you are responsible for all consequences. This increases the level of stress, the search for solutions becomes a real torment. This puts you at risk of falling into a continuous cycle of stress and decision-making, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

2. Financial stress and uncertainty

There are no typical startups – some companies manage to enter the market with minimal start-up capital, while others require millions before they can launch a business. If you are going to start your own business, then you may need to dig into your savings, or be personally liable for the company’s debts.

Also, you will most likely be forced to quit your main job and devote yourself completely to a new business. And it is unlikely to immediately begin to bring money.

You will have to sit without profit for at least a few months. This state of affairs sometimes turns into a real nightmare for a novice businessman.

3. Trust issues

No one builds a business alone, but even if you surround yourself with the best employees, trusting other people with custody of your own brainchild is very difficult.

In business, it is necessary to delegate authority, trust entire departments to other people, and be able to rely on partners and sellers. In addition, you need to listen to advisers and other entrepreneurs in order to be able to look at your problems from the outside. And these people don’t always say what you want to hear.

4. Alcohol and drug addiction

For businesswomen, addiction is formed according to one common model. According to women’s rehab centers data, at the age of about 30, a person begins to work hard and build her own business. At this time, she drinks alcohol at meetings, negotiations, in the evenings he can afford z couple of glasses of strong drinks to relieve tension and stress, and even more on weekends. At this time, there is no dependence on alcohol yet.

Recovery centers for women say that the first critical moment for the formation of addiction is a bright and noticeable success in business. A person begins to drink even more alcohol, continues to drink at meetings, celebrates victories and drinks down defeats. Constant drinking begins, and after about two or three years a person realizes that she has a problem. She is aware that sooner or later addiction will take over, but does not know when exactly, and is trying to build a business in such a way as to ensure comfortable use in a couple of years. She doesnt’s look for a women’s rehabilitation center yet. At this point, drugs may be added to the alcohol, as specialists from women’s rehabs say. Most often, a person achieves her goal – by the age of 40 she has a strong and stable business, has a family. She relaxes, the alcohol use becomes uncontrollable.

5. A balance between work and life

When a woman starts her own business, everything else fades into the background for her. Your enthusiasm and passion for your idea in the first months will allow you to stay at work with pleasure and even spend the weekend there. But soon, despite the fact that the work schedule is determined by you, the business will take up almost all of your time.

You’ll forget what your family and friends look like, you’ll sleep for several hours a night, then you’ll start skipping lunch and eating whatever you want. And against the background of undermined health, it will be harder to deal with depression and profession


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