Mentor Someone

Mentor Someone

One way that you can really learn a topic or subject is by teaching it to someone else.  You can help someone else and learn more about a topic yourself simply by becoming a teacher.  Quite simply, you should mentor someone.  Consider mentoring someone at work, or perhaps someone in the community.

I think that mentoring is really a test of knowledge on a lot of levels.  It is also a great networking opportunity. You get to share your knowledge with someone else, while building your influence, and network.  Excellent growth opportunity.

Another benefit of mentoring, is that we help grow the next generation of leaders.  By mentoring, we ensure that the next generation grows, thrives, and maybe even becomes greater than ourselves.  Sometimes the greatest rewards in my book are seeing other people grow, and become greater than they could have otherwise done.

There are tons of different opportunities for mentoring others.  You can join a formal mentoring program at work, and if there isn’t one already in place, consider forming one.  It’s a great leadership opportunity, and everyone will benefit.  There are mentoring opportunities in places of worship, learning more about your faith.  There are also some fantastic mentoring options through activities like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girls and Boys Clubs.

What ways can you think of to mentor others?


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