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~by Julie Martin~

Mobile technology is here to stay, and it is slowly finding its way into the board room. However, until mobile phone and tablets offer some useful and functional apps for business use, tablets and phones will simply be a business novelty.

Listed below are 10 mobile device apps that may prove very useful in an office or business setting. Most of the apps are for Apple devices, which makes sense since Apple has far more apps available for their devices. However, some of the apps will also work on the Android OS, BlackBerry OS, and Windows OS.

1. Dropbox for Teams

This is a very popular app that has been changed to allow people to work in teams. Multiple people are allowed access to one cloud account, so that they may upload and share files between their small group. It has made file sharing a little easier.

2. StratPad v2

This is an iPad app that has Yammer integration. It allows people to share and collaborate on business plans and business strategies. And, it may all be done in real-time during a meeting. It also allows people to synchronize their files for easier collaboration.

Apps3. Speaktoit

This is a productivity app that you can use to plan your business week. It has a calendar function for scheduling your weekly tasks. Additionally, you can see news on the markets and check your stocks and shares as well. It works for the Android, Windows, and iOS.

4. Meeting Mapper

This is an iPad app, and there is also a “fierce” version. The principle of the app revolves around making you more productive through careful planning. It allows you to schedule meetings and events for your working day, including things such as alerting you when your next meeting is.

5. Tappestry for Organizations

This is a form of social media that you can access via an app. It allows businesses to share technology and expertise. It allows people to share their knowledge and information to aid their education and human resources departments. You can use this app on any OS.

6. EchoSign for iOS

This is an app for Apple devices. It allows people to sign for things using an electronic device. The app is very expensive, but that is probably due to its increased security. Hand your tablet or phone to your client with the contract within, and he or she can sign it using this app.

7. UX Write

This is an iPhone and iPad app that works as a fully functional and multi-featured word processor for a mobile device. This app can be used for simple business use, all the way up to creating and editing a professional book, report, or research paper.

8. Evernote for Business

This is a very popular note taking app that works on all of the OS. It allows people to take notes on the app and then save them in categories for easier retrieval later. It also allows people to save voice memos and other multimedia things too.

9. RabbleBrowser

This is an iPad app that offers a browser for sharing information. It allows people to upload things to Dropbox (cloud computing), where the information may then be shared. This browser makes it easier to share images, files, and URLs via the Dropbox cloud.

10. Workshare

This app works on the iPhone and iPad, and is yet another cloud computing app. It sells itself as a portable flash drive, where a person needs only to upload the documents or information onto the Workshare cloud, and then he or she may access the documents via the app.

Meet the Author: Julie Martin

Julie Martin is a freelance writer and blogger for many sites, including mymathdone.com. Her passions are blogging and tourism.
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