How to Attract More Customers During the Winter

Attract more customers during the winter

Winter can be the dog days for your business once the holiday season passes and your customers are taking refuge from the cold and rough weather. However, it does not have to be that way if you are clever and strategic. Here are some ways to grow your business and attract more customers during the winter season.

Grow Your Product Line

When you add new products, you are creating the impression that your business is not standing still but instead moving forward. You can take advantage of the tie-in to winter weather by expanding your offerings to include seasonally themed items. For example, if your business is a restaurant, you can sell hot winter-themed drinks to keep people warm. Alternatively, your product line could include offerings to help people cope with the weather. Customers’ preferences can change based on the weather, and you should make sure to cater to those changing needs.

Make Your Customers Comfortable

It is a fact that your customers will not want to venture out as much when they are uncomfortable due to the weather. However, you can help make their lives easier by offering them things that can make going out into the cold more bearable. You can offer special winter amenities to make customers more comfortable as they wait for service. An example of this would be offering your customers hot drinks while they are physically at your business. If a portion of your business location is outdoors, run infrared heaters to help keep your customers warm. Keeping your location weather-proofed and warm inside will encourage customers to linger. Your customers will appreciate the small touches and your consideration of them.

Run Seasonal Sales or Promotions

One way to make your customers dread the weather a little less is to have promotions that are based on the weather. For example, you could offer discounts that are specifically tied to how cold it is outside. This will keep your customers coming to your business even when it is cold. It will also get your customers excited about spending their money and shopping during what would otherwise be a slow and dreary time of year. Winter-based promotions will make light of the weather conditions and give your customers a personal stake in staying with your business during harsh weather.

When you do things a little differently to cater to customers based on the seasons, you can build brand loyalty that will help get you through the months that would otherwise create a slump for your business. Those hard-won customers will tend to stay with you when the weather gets warmer.

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