As part of my Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration at Duke, I put together a business plan for a new, and different home care business.  One thing I discovered when doing my research for the concentration is a company called Care Patrol.  They are a national franchise, and we were quickly intrigued.  Care Patrol has many of the same core values in common with how we viewed ourselves.  So we decided- why not pursue that in addition to the home care company?  In August, we purchased the Care Patrol Franchise for the Triangle area of North Carolina.  We joined approximately 55 other franchisees across the country in this exciting endeavor.

What Care Patrol Does

Care Patrol is a great community service.  We help families find Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and In-Home Care.  We review the care and violation histories of the facilities we work with.  We then tour our families to the recommended communities much like a Realtor shows families new homes.  We are a free service to the families who use us.

What Care Patrol Means

Care Patrol means that we are finding the safest, and most appropriate care options for the families we work with.  We work carefully with our families, and with our communities, to ensure that we are recommending great care options to the families.  This means that we can remove a great deal of the stress involved with having to find care for our parents, and grand parents, since Care Patrol advisers will help their clients and hold their hands the entire way through the process.  In addition, many Care Patrol franchisees and their employees are actually CSAs- Certified Senior Advisors, which means that we have agreed to abide by a strict code of ethics, and passed a background check, and subject matter test.

We have just started marketing in the Triangle Area, but are looking forward to building some great relationships with the communities and referral sources in the area.