No More Excuses – Get Your Finances in Order

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Financial stability affects how you live your life. It’s the difference between reaching your ambitions and making bad financial decisions that lower the quality of your life.

But in order to achieve financial bliss, you need to work hard and make a plan that can set your priorities and finances straight. To help you get your finances in order, here are some tips that might be useful.

Set Up a Budget (and Stick to It)No More Excuses – Get Your Finances in Order 1

A plan is always a good starting point when you want to keep your finances in check. And when it comes to personal financial health, setting up a budget can help you get it in order.

The first thing you need to do is determine the current state of your finances. Create a list of all fixed monthly living costs like rent and utility bills, and a separate list for food, fuel, and other variable expenses. This helps you determine the areas you are spending in and how much life actually costs at the end of one month.

Once you have it all on paper, it’s time to create a household budget. Each month set a date to pay the bills, so you know how much money you have left. Then, set up an allowance to limit daily spending and keep yourself in check.

That’s it. You have created a household budget. All you have to do now is stick to it. Remember to set some money aside in your plan for the things you like doing with friends and family, so you don’t have a financial relapse after one month.

No More Excuses – Get Your Finances in Order 2Plan for the Future

While financial discipline is crucial for financial stability, motivation is even more important. There is nothing better to drive you out of bed each morning than a future goal.

Whatever your goals are, take out a piece of paper and write them down. Keep the paper close to you. Writing goals helps you focus on the actions required to achieve them, and writing your goals down can help you achieve them.

Getting your finances in order requires you to set both short and long-term expectations. This sets your priorities straight and the way you think about money, so you know what to do to accomplish each goal.

Get Rid Of DebtNo More Excuses – Get Your Finances in Order 3

Getting rid of all financial debts should be at the top of your list of goals. These days, there are lenders at low-interest rates you can use to pay off multiple debts. If you have a good credit score, this enables you to exchange multiple obligations for a single fixed overhead.

Treating it as another of your bills means you can add it into your budget and make regular payments. Once it’s paid in full, you will have more room in your budget, which is an added bonus.

Figure Out the Cost of Your Time

Most people calculate their earnings based on their yearly income. This way of thinking can impair your judgment, and lead you to make the wrong financial and professional decisions.

Instead, you should look towards an hourly rate. It helps you determine how much you earn per day, and if each day brings in more money than you spend.

This way of thinking makes you more productive since every moment is an opportunity to make a little extra cash. It also helps you figure out if it’s time to make a career change, or if all of your obligations are financially feasible.

Keep Lifestyle Expenses Down

Having a household budget in place also helps you decide where you can cut costs. Perhaps there are equally good products and services available to you, which are cheaper and keep your lifestyle expenses down. This works both for fixed and variable expenses.

For example, you need to pay the rent, but maybe you can find a cheaper apartment in another part of town. This automatically lowers all your utilities. And while you definitely need coffee, you don’t need to buy it from Starbucks every morning. There is a perfectly good coffee machine at the office that’s free.

No More Excuses – Get Your Finances in Order 4Excessive Lifestyle Inflation

As you move up the ladder at work or you find a better job, you are likely to receive a raise in income. In these situations, it’s important to maintain the same spending habits to lower the risk of lifestyle inflation.

The extra injection of cash might cause you to spend more money on an expensive vacation, a larger apartment, or luxury goods. This can lead your spending to spiral out of control, especially in the case when something unexpected comes up.

To avoid this, think long-term. Yes, more money can buy you better things, but it can also help you reach your goals quicker.

Start Making Changes

Getting your finances in order requires change, and realizing what’s important to you will help you make these changes a reality. The sooner you realize how financial stability can positively impact your life, the better financial decisions you will start making.

It does call for some effort, planning, and perseverance, but it also helps you set your priorities. And once you find yourself on the right path, all your financial goals will become achievable.


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