Normal Wear and Tear Commercial Properties Can Experience

As a property owner, you are responsible for all the maintenance on your property. In some cases, there will be examples of tenants causing damage to your property. However, there is also normal wear and tear that you should expect at your property.

Floor Damage

At a commercial property, there are many tenants using the property for various business purposes. The floors of commercial properties are expected to face a lot of wear and tear by nature. When it comes to the floors, you need to determine when it’s best to clean, repair, or replace the floors. If you have hardwood floors, it’s easier to simply clean and make repairs to the floors. However, with carpets, you may need to replace them more often. It’s best to install floor options that are durable and long lasting so you can decrease the amount of maintenance you need to perform.

Parking Lot Damage

Another area to keep your eye on at your commercial property is the parking lot. Specifically, you should address the asphalt. Parking lot asphalt experiences immense pressure as vehicles drive over it every day. Over time, this can cause potholes, cracks, or any other uneven surfaces. You should have your parking lot resurfaced every once in a while to make sure it is of high enough quality for your tenants. In addition to repairing the asphalt, you also want to keep up with certain cosmetic fixes. For example, the lines in the parking lot can be worn away over time, so you should consider having them repainted.


The walls in your commercial property are another area that suffer a lot of wear and tear. Here, there is also a fine line between what’s expected and what’s considered damage. The walls themselves should receive much wear and tear beyond a few cracks caused by setting. However, it’s considered damage if there are a lot of holes made by tenants. On the surface of the walls, you need to consider the paint. Eventually, paint begins to peel and fade. You should have your walls repainted on a regular schedule to keep them looking nice for your tenants.

Some maintenance you perform will be due to the tenant’s treatment of the property, but you also need to be aware of what normal maintenance to expect. You can then prepare for this maintenance and have a plan for how to keep your property in good shape.

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