Offer Solutions and Options

Offer Solutions and Options

One mark of a leader is someone who doesn’t just see problems, but instead will offer solutions and options to solve the problem.  It is very easy to see what the problems are.  It takes an entirely different mindset to figure out how to solve it, and start doing so.

So, which one do you do?  Do you see all of the potholes in the project?  I think you’d have to be nearly blind to not be able to see when a project is going to be late.  The signs are obvious, even at the earliest stages.  Planning takes longer than expected.  The first components to be delivered are late, and are problematic, and it goes on from there.  Do you notice the problems, and grumble about them?

Do you start to think about what you’d tell the executive management team, if you just got a few minutes of their time.  After all, they DO need to listen, right?  They need someone to give them the bad news.  While that may be true and necessary, that isn’t necessarily the mark of a leader.  It could just as easily be someone who’s had enough, or is finally delivering overdue news.

What a Leader does, however, is to look at the problem, and start to figure out how they can fix it.  Then they start to discuss options with others, and offer solutions to management.  Not just problems.  That is the difference.  A really good leader will try to find multiple solutions to issues, and weigh them and present them for consideration.

Do you do that?  Or do you just grumble under your breath?  What’s your approach?  How do you find solutions?  How do you influence others to help fix the problem?


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