Office Accents & Design Tips to Further Employee Engagement

Office Accents & Design

An inviting office space is important. Being able to work in an environment that provides resources and tools for on the job tasks is important for productivity and ease. Office design is one element of a job that is often overlooked. However it shouldn’t be! A report from the World Green Building Council revealed that 69 percent of businesses that implemented healthy building features, such as adding plants and proper lighting, reported improvements in employee satisfaction and engagement. Here are some changes that can be made to your office space to improve morale.

Artwork and Pictures

Whether you’re an employee, new interview candidate, or a customer, a great way to start a conversation is through images and artwork hung up around an office. Getting custom artwork for your work space inspires creativity and will give a unique perspective on company interests. Seeking out local artists to commission pieces will support small local business, as well as provide an original piece to your office. Incorporating photographs of members from your company will show appreciation for their hard work. To make photographs and artwork complete, invest in personalized photo frames for to ensure their place is solidified on the wall. Frames enhance the piece contained, making it more prominent and eye-catching.


While ergonomic furniture such as desks and chairs are important, having designated spaces that have more comfortable furniture will aid in engagement. According to a study from Columbia University Medical Center, individuals who experience long periods of time of uninterrupted sitting and stayed sedentary for much of their waking time are at a higher risk for death from any cause. Having an area that has comfortable chairs, couches, and standing desks will encourage movement. Standing up and moving to another area of the office will get your blood flowing, helping you stay focused with your tasks. Plus, having a cozy couch to settle into can be a nice change from an upright office chair.

Create a Snack Station

Everyone in the office gets munchies during the day. Creating a snack bar that has different options will bring everyone in and facilitate conversations that may not have happened otherwise. Providing a wide variety of things such as fruit, nuts, and granola bars can keep it healthy. Working on an empty stomach isn’t good for workflow, as spikes and drops in blood sugar are bad for the brain and productivity. People won’t have to worry about leaving the office to get food when there’s snacks around. Encouraging employees to bring in their own treats to share with everyone is a fun way for people to share recipes and ideas!

Keeping employees in mind when designing an office is important, as they’re the people who help a company flourish. Enhancing their day to day work life will not only bring benefits, but a happier and more content atmosphere. Get creative and see how you can design your office to enhance work!


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