Office Wear: Powerful Style Tips for a Woman in Charge

"Office Wear: Powerful Style Tips for a Woman in Charge" Peacock Feathers

When you’re the boss, you need to set yourself apart, and yet still fit in. Office culture and knowing how to balance your position and appearance can get tricky. There becomes the added fashion and beauty challenge for many women, but there are quite a few simple solutions that will reflect your power and intelligence and still show that you’re in the driver’s seat.

Giving the Shoulder

A nice-looking blazer delivers a stronger impression and more definition than a delicately knit cardigan. The blazer has structure and a defined shoulder line, and it adds strength and sophistication. You don’t have to wear a blazer every day, but it’s a versatile piece that looks great over dresses, skirts, and jeans (if allowed). Use this item to combine more casual looks into a more formal setting.

Hosiery Adds Polish

Some women despise pantyhose, but corporate professionals still recommend them. is a well-regarded, workplace fashion blog, and they, too, suggest nude pantyhose when interviewing for a position, going into a courtroom, attending or running a major meeting, etc.

If a workplace has other superiors in bare legs, then it’s alright to follow suit. The experts advise spray-on pantyhose or nude options if legs are pale. Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is always seen in hosiery, and Christie Brinkley likes the confidence a good structured hose can give her.

Office Wear: Powerful Style Tips for a Woman in Charge 1

Great Grooming Matters

When you’re a woman in charge, not only does dressing properly matter, but beauty and grooming is another part of the package you’ll need to pay attention to. A manicure should look chip-free, and hair shouldn’t be neglected. Soft makeup is recommended, with nothing over too dramatic used in an office setting. Eyebrows should be neat, and if yours are barely there, microblading is an excellent cosmetic treatment for creating full, natural-looking brows without having to re-apply them every morning. Consult with a technician to get the right shade of pigment for your face and skin.

Blending High-End/Low-End

It often looks chic and strong when designer labels become part of your professional wardrobe. To stay within budget, many bosses buy a few luxe pieces and build an ensemble with cheaper items. For example, a fine watch and handbag are paired with a less expensive pair of pants and a top, etc. Investment accessories like shoes and jewelry can really amp up your power status.

Studying photos of successful women who are in your particular line of work featured in magazines or online is another way to define your in-charge image. It’s okay to copy a look you admire. It’s power in numbers.


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