Often Overlooked Tips to Help Jumpstart your Career

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The current job market is highly competitive. Even with an outstanding resume, more men and women are entering the workforce, making each position a cutthroat race to see who can get that last edge up over the other applicants. The question is, how can you stand out in your field, and how can you get that competitive edge? Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to help you make an impression and get the career of your dreams.

Business Cards

When was the last time you got a business card? What did it look like? Odds are you can’t remember. Too often people use plain white rectangles with the same font printed over and over and expect people to remember them. If you get a hundred of these cards and stuff them together, there is no way for anyone to find you in that stack. The best way to take care of this is to get in contact with a digital printing service. From bsquared, “Our talented and creative team can accomplish any level of customization and deliver finished products quickly. We exist to design and make printed goods that help people better communicate and conduct business”.

Even if you are not particularly creative, most digital printing services will be happy to work with you to design something that will fit your needs and ensure your card stands out.

Thank You Letter

It is becoming common sense these days that people should send a thank you letter, but what to write? The best way to show you are interested in a position, and in the people there, is to make sure your thank you letter is excellent. Did you only meet one person during the interview, or were there others? Make sure you get their names and thank them by name in the thank you letter. Remember, you are not interviewing just for the position, you are interviewing to join a company. Show you care. Be sure and mention any follow up information, and emphasize your interest in the position. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar!

Find Common Ground With Your Interviewers

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that with so many people interviewing for a position, you will always have a hard time standing out. One trick is to comment on common ground with a potential employer. Instead of being “the third candidate I saw” they may remember you as “the guy who also likes old movies” instead. Be sure to be somewhat social and show you can interact with people and can get along well with others. Do not take it too far and turn the interview into a chat session, but a little bit of getting to know each other can help. As Forbes writer Liz Ryan explains, “The best job interviews — and the most memorable ones to everybody in the room — are human conversations rather than oral exams.”

Job hunting is stressful, but hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to nail that interview and be remembered as the best candidate. Try using these tips next time you have an interview and see how well they work. Who knows? Your dream job could be just a business card away.


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