Outdoor Advertising Strategies Your Business May Be Missing

Outdoor Advertising

Advertising is critical to attracting new customers and earning new business. There are a lot of different advertising methods, each with its pros and cons. A lot of attention lately has been given to digital marketing strategies, as more businesses have responded to pandemic conditions by going digital. While there is value in such strategies, it would be unwise to overlook more traditional marketing methods altogether. There are some good outdoor advertising strategies that are well worth your consideration.

Guerrilla Marketing

In case you aren’t familiar with what guerilla marketing is, it’s a marketing technique that uses the element of surprise. It interjects a marketing message in an unexpected place and way, exposing consumers to it as they go about their normal daily activities. Because such strategies tend to result in a change to the normal environment, they tend to get noticed more than your typical billboard might. Outdoor guerilla marketing campaigns can be fairly cost-effective since they’re making use of a pre-existing environment. Guerilla marketing can get pretty creative, so feel free to let your imagination start to run with this strategy.

Car Wraps

If your business covers a specific area or if you have multiple locations, you may benefit from a more mobile form of outdoor advertising. If you have company vehicles, having them wrapped can be a great way to take advantage of the driving you’re already doing and use it as a way to market your business. If you decide to use this marketing strategy, make sure you plan enough time for it to be implemented. Vehicle wrapping can take anywhere from a day to two weeks.

Street Furniture Advertisements

As the world returns to normal, we’ll likely see the return of crowded sidewalks and transportation systems. That means people using and passing by street furniture, which can be a great platform for your advertisements. Bus shelters, kiosks, benches, and parking garages are all great options that you can use. Keep your ads simple and follow the other keys for outdoor advertising. Make sure the ads are measured to fit whatever structure they’re on. Be aware of furniture with irregular shapes when planning your design. You don’t want a part of your ad to be invisible to passersby because it’s on a horizontal surface instead of a vertical one.

It’s always a good idea to keep an open mind about what advertising strategies will work best for your business. Guerrilla marketing, car wraps, and street furniture advertisements are all outdoor advertising strategies worth considering. You may find they help boost your business more than you expect as pandemic-related restrictions lift.

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