Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence

"Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence" Karen Thomas in Professional Dress Podcasting Graphic
May 12, 2018
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#1 Author Karen A. Thomas launched the first ever Business Etiquette book in collaboration with 5 etiquette experts – Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence.

“The thought of producing another book on business etiquette was so passe; so I decided to reach out to other experts in the etiquette arena and we collaborated on this endeavor together; producing the 1st ever – etiquette book featuring 5 U.S. Etiquette Experts.”

~ Karen A. Thomas, Etiquette Expert

In this highly anticipated book, Karen and her co-authors draw upon their combined etiquette knowledge and expertise of well over 50 years, teaching, educating, and offering civility solutions to business executives in their quest for Executive Presence. As any rising executive knows, climbing the leadership ladder to success is simply not arrived at by self-proclaiming this title. This book simply and eloquently outlines the steps to arrive at, attain, and maintain Executive Presence.

What People are Saying…

“Karen offers an excellent presentation as well as the passion and knowledge and knows how to engage a crowd”

~ Steve Harvey, Harvey & Associates

“I have worked with Karen at many events and am totally impressed with her expertise in the areas of etiquette and social protocol.”

~ Mary Jones—WDRC show host

“Karen Thomas is regarded as a foremost authority in all areas of etiquette training and professional and personal development. She is known for consistently providing high-quality etiquette and protocol training programs and seminars that are focused and outcome oriented. Karen is dedicated to client satisfaction and organizational success, truly passionate about her work. I am honored and proud to be associated with Karen.”

~ Sue Fox, Etiquette Survival, CA

Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence 1

Poised, Polished, Professional –The Experts’ Guide to Executive Presence


Follow Karen Thomas on social media:

Website: www.ctetiquette.com

email: ctetiquette@gmail.com

Twitter: K Thomas @Civilitysays

Instagram:  @ctetiquette

LinkedIn:  Karen Thomas

Facebook: Karen Thomas Etiquette

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