Problem Games That Challenge Your Psychological Skills

"Problem Games That Challenge Your Psychological Skills" Crossword Puzzle Graphic

~by David Lieberman~

Puzzle activities are an interesting solution to keep you challenged. These activities stimulate you to think, and keep you active logically and analytically to solve a puzzle.

Sudoku is a very famous puzzle game that challenges its players to solve a grid with the numbers 1 to 9. No number can be repeated in a horizontal or vertical line, or in any of the 3×3 containers that fill the 9×9 grid. This game has various degrees including an easy task to difficult, and the simplest form of  is the 2×2 puzzle, which is easy enough for children.

Another puzzle game which can keep you employed for hours may be the Tower of Hanoi. This is a simple game with simple rules. You need to arrange rings from one rod to another in size order using the least amount of moves, bearing in mind that a larger ring may not rest on a smaller one and that only one ring may be moved at a time.

Tangram puzzles are another challenging choice that may keep you hooked all day. In this game you’re given a design and number of shapes. You need to recreate the design from the styles that you’ve been given. This game requires the creativity of its player and some analytic thinking so that you can get the shape right.

Another exciting challenge game is Reverse. The user places his piece on the table, followed by the computer. On the next turn, the person places a piece on the board and all the pieces that fall among the previous piece and the new piece owned by the computer can immediately become the user’s pieces. The winner is the one that has the most pieces on the board when no further movements are possible.

Jewels Gear is yet another interesting puzzle game which concerns a number of gems on a board. The aim of the participant is to clean up the table by tilting it.

Hangman is a game in which one player imagines a word. The other player knows how long the word is, and guesses letters one at a time. If the letter is in the word, the blank is filled. If not, part of a figure is drawn into the hangman’s gallows. The goal is to guess the word before the figure is completed. This game could be enjoyed independently against a computer as well as between multiple players.

Puzzle games enhance one’s capability to examine things and to get rational answers. They assist in reducing memory loss and are a fantastic recreational device for people who desire to spend the morning playing fun and challenging games.

Meet the Author: David Lieberman

Problem Games That Challenge Your Psychological Skills 1

David Lieberman

David Lieberman works as the president of Planet of Hotels.  As one of the founding members of Planet of Hotels,  he has helped the company from its initial concept into a leading hotel reservation service. Also, he is a technology investor and advisor, helping companies and entrepreneurs with their projects and sites.


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