Queen Bees

Queen Bees

In the technology field, there are very few women.  As you move into development, there are even fewer women.  If you move up the management chain there are also very few women.  It’s not unusual for me to attend a meeting and be the only woman in the room.  This is especially true whenever I travel to another one of my company’s offices.  I will look around, and be the only woman in a room with over 20 men.  So, needless to say, there are relatively few of us in this field.

Unfortunately, some of the women who are in the field have an attitude of “Well, I got here, and there is only space for one woman, and I’m it.  You’re Not”.  This is really sad to me.  There is, of course space for more women in the field.  Diversity in the workforce is a good thing, but these queen bees who are in leadership positions don’t care.  They view all other women as competition for their position.  That’s silly of course, but they don’t see it that way.  They see it as their territory.  Interlopers will be undermined and back-stabbed.  They will be shoved aside until they either leave the company or another group.  It doesn’t matter to the queen bee, because she will have protected her territory.

In an environment where it is difficult enough to become accomplished, and where women are in the minority, this type of behavior does not do any favors to the females of the species.  It simply undermines all of us, as part of gaining credibility is for us all to improve our positions, not just for a very select few who have climbed, scratched, and clawed their way into a position of leadership.  We need to support each other. Not undermine one another.   Remember- there is enough work to go around.  There is enough pay, position, and plenty of leadership opportunities.

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