Queen of Chaos

Where the Chaos started.I think that most people have the misconception about me that my house is perfect, my yard is immaculate, and I’m just plain wonder woman on every single level.  Fact is, my house is not perfect.  I’m a fantastic cook, when I want to be, and I’ve been permanently forbidden from actually doing the laundry.  I managed to get that ban enacted in the first couple of months of marriage over 21 years ago.  See, I managed to dye all of my husband’s clothes pink from a sweater of his.  Tonight, I just spent about 4.5 hours beating a pile of paperwork on my desk into submission.  I can’t vouch for the rest of the room, since it too needs the same attention.  Frankly, after several weeks of being gone, the amount of personal paperwork I needed to work my way through was pretty spectacular.  That doesn’t count the amount of business paperwork I will spend my entire week digging my way out of.  In short, right now it feels like I’m the queen of chaos.

My house is chaotic, because I’ve been travelling, and I’m still going through my dad’s personal effects and trying to decide what to keep, and what to give away. I’m not perfect, which means that the house isn’t perfect.  I’m also trying to figure out the best way to store piles of business cards, flyers, and stuff that goes along with having a business, along with three girl scout troops, and and leading a tiger den.  Each of those endeavors means stuff, and more stuff.  Being the queen of chaos means dealing with it, and figuring out a method to harness that chaos and make it work.  I think it’s something that most people have to do to some extent in their lives.

Chaos is especially prevalent in women who have kids, and those who work at paid jobs.  That’s because we have a bazillion things demanding our attention, and only a limited amount of time to deal with it.  As for me, I’m hoping that the mess will magically decide to clean itself up, somehow.  I can hope, right?

After 4.5 hours, 3 times emptying the shredder, and a massive pile of outgoing mail, and stuff into the trash, I can finally see that portion of my desk.  Believe it or not, I could see my desk just fine before I went on my first round of trips almost a month ago.  I’ve been intermittently working on the stuff since then.  It just keeps coming.  So, no, I’m not perfect.  I’m just the queen of chaos.




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