Random acts of kindness have become much more prevalent in our society, and I think that they are a beautiful thing.


“Recently, a friend of mine was recounting the story of how a mutual acquaintance of ours had committed a random act of kindness. Specifically, the person had given money to a homeless person on University Ave. in Palo Alto. The story was memorable for both the size of the dollar amount, and the response of the recipient: “That’s the second time this week someone did that for me.”

My friend remarked that the two occurrences may not have been a coincidence given that his circle of friends was increasingly focused on sharing stories like this with one another in the hopes of inspiring each other to do the same.”

via Random Acts of Kindness? There Should be an App for That | LinkedIn.


What Random Acts of Kindness have you practiced?  My latest has been the Strangest Thing I’ve Done with My MBA.