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Cultivating self-discipline can be both rewarding and demanding at the same time.

When you are self-disciplined, you:

1. Have power

2. Have a joyful heart

3. Feel liberated

4. Develop a victorious mindset

Self-discpline-compressor - reach your goalsWith a disciplined mind, you are more likely to have a happy life. Without a disciplined mind, you are more likely to have a miserable life, and possibly filled with chaos. Self-discipline can be the best friend to have. With self-discipline, you learn to make well thought-out decisions for your personal and professional lives.

As a tool given to us by God, self-discipline can help us reach our goals in life. Our minds are always changing and evolving, so it becomes vital for us to discipline our minds to stay focused. We must understand what information is vital to our spiritual and personal growth. We must learn to control our thoughts and keep our mind on the important things that will allow us to grow as a person.

Having a disciplined mind is essential for entrepreneurs and business owners. As a business owner, you are the CEO of the company, so any important decisions concerning the business need your final approval. With a mindset focused on the growth of the business, you are able to make sound decisions that are beneficial to the business in the long run. With self-discipline, you as the CEO of the business, will know when to hire the right people to help your business grow. Business owners with disciplined minds understand the importance of seeking help when needed and are not afraid to give up power when necessary. Good CEOs have the right mindset when it comes to making difficult and tough decisions that will benefit the business in the long run.

With self-discipline, you will be able to win the battle over your mind and your life.

With a clear mind you will be more:

1. Confident

2. Decisive

3. Focused

With good self-discipline skills, you will become a more successful and effective business person.

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Meet the Author: Donya Zimmerman

Donya Zimmerman

Donya Zimmerman is a business consultant, mediator, and legal professional with over ten years of experience. Donya is also a public speaker and aspiring author. 

She is owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting (FACMBC) and Powerful Biz Woman (subsidiary of FACMBC), both of which are based in Baltimore, MD.

Services provided by FACMBC: Mediation and Conflict Resolution Services; Business Registration Assistance; Business Plan Drafting Assistance; Business Certification Assistance; and Business Organization Assistance. 

If you are thinking about starting your own small business or non-profit organization, do not hesitate to contact me because I can show you how to do so.

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