Self-Nourishment Lesson #2: Quiet Time. You Need it.

~by Susan McGuire~


Quiet time. It sounds nice, but is ever so elusive.

It’s hard to find time to relax. With all the responsibilities and obligations, for many women, this is usually the first thing to get sacrificed. You may be surprised, though, at just how rejuvenating quiet time can be. If time is at a premium for you, even 20-30 minutes a day of quiet time can be restorative — for your mind, body and soul.

But what do I mean by “Quiet Time”? It is simply carving out the time to sit in a quiet place and just be alone with your thoughts.

Self-Nourishment Lesson #2: Quiet Time.

Here are just a few ways you can unwind. Whatever activity you choose to relax yourself, it should be done in an environment that is calming and promotes self-reflection.

  1. Tea Time – Find a comfy chair in a quiet room and sip your favorite, warm, herbal tea. (I find Oolong tea to be very relaxing). Don’t just drink your tea mindlessly. Instead, focus on being in the moment. Savor the warmth, the smell and taste of the tea. Keep stressful and negative thoughts away. Think about things in your life that make you happy: your children, your pets, your friends, your last, or next, vacation, or swimming in the ocean.
  2. Read your favorite novel – Reading the newspaper or work documents won’t do. Fiction is best. This time is for you and you alone, so read what you enjoy.
  3. Meditate – Give your racing mind a break. Meditating doesn’t have to be complicated. If you find it difficult to calm your mind enough to meditate, try starting out at 5 minutes and work up to 10, 20, 30 minutes or more. Don’t worry about doing it right. This does take practice, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes, and the more beneficial it is.
  4. Soak in a warm bath – Allow yourself to decompress in a luxurious bubble bath or a bath with Epsom salts. The warmth, the water, the bubbles or salts… each of these individually are all soothing to the mind, body and soul. But relaxing in a warm tub also provides an opportunity to be alone, and reflect or relax without troubling thoughts.
  5. Journaling – Just write. It doesn’t matter what you write. Don’t concern yourself with grammar, or even logic. The pure act of journaling encourages you to focus, and by doing so, it helps clear your mind. For your own private “me time”, do this every day.
  6. Walk in nature – The sun, the fresh air, the physical movement, and the magnificence of nature are incredibly revitalizing. Though walking with a companion has its benefits, walking by yourself forces you to be more observant and appreciative of your surroundings, which in turn helps to quiet your mind. This is one of my favorites, as I feel most at home when I am among the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature.
  7. Your favorite quiet hobby – Focusing on something creative, something you enjoy, like knitting, painting or gardening, can help you unwind.

We all need to de-stress. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of quiet time; it’s good for our minds and our overall health. Make “me time” a priority, otherwise it likely won’t make it into your over-scheduled day. So write it into your daily calendar, and don’t ever feel guilty for doing this for yourself.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive at a large corporation or a stay-at-home mom, you likely have a full schedule. If you want to be at your best for all those you serve, you need to first take care of yourself. Just as Flight Attendants advise before the plane takes off — “If the plane’s cabin should lose pressure, place the mask over your own nose and mouth before those around you needing assistance.” This might go against your instincts to assist others, but how can you help your loved ones if you are chronically stressed – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually?

What are some of your favorite Quiet Time activities?

Meet the Author:  Susan McGuire

Are you ready, willing and motivated to take charge of your health and transform your life?Self-Nourishment Lesson #2: Quiet Time. You Need it. 1

As a Holistic Health Coach and Lifestyle Guide, Susan takes a practical, comprehensive and personalized approach as she supports and empowers her clients to achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Coach Susan meets her clients where they are, and works with them to find the right combination of positive lifestyle and behavioral changes that they can implement with lasting results.

To take the next step towards achieving your health goals, schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Session with Coach Susan:


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