Set Goals Then Tell Others

Set Goals Then Tell Others

One of the most powerful ways to set your direction is to begin with the end in mind.  So, it is great to have goals, and know what you’re working towards.  But this is really part of a multi-step process.  I would argue that you should set goals then tell others.  By sharing with others your plans, they become more concrete.

Have you ever thought- “I’m going to run a race”.  Did you do anything about it?  What happened when you set a goal and told someone about it?  For me, it makes me feel more accountable to that goal.  Sometimes it gives me the kick in the pants I need to do something.  In my case, it’s the nudge I need to actually get up and do my training for the half marathon I want to run next year.  – Of course, now I’m just told you about the goal.  Do you think I’m more likely to get up and do my training now?  I’d say it’s likely.

Setting a goal is a powerful psychological tool.  Telling people about that goal is yet another tool to add to your arsenal.  It can’t hurt to have lots of tools in your arsenal, and not be afraid to use them.

What tools do you have in your bag to help you reach goals?

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