She'll always be my baby chick

My kids hate being called my babies.  Especially the ones that are taller than I am.  I have a hard time explaining to my oldest that she may grow up and move away, but she’ll always be my baby chick.  That is also true of people I’ve mentored over time.

I also hold my interns at my former employer in a special place in my heart.  I confess that I follow their careers.  I celebrate their successes, and mourn their losses.  It is exciting to me to see those young people in my life whose lives I’ve touched grow up, mature, become more independent, and become leaders in their own right.

At first, they start out uncertain in the world, and what the world means.  Then they start to figure out how things around them work and why they work.  They learn when to push, when not to push.  They set goals, and accomplish them.  You see, I’m so proud of my chicks.  My interns, my kids, my Girl Scouts, my employees, my Cub Scouts.  So many people in life that I’ve worked with and mentored.  So many more to go.  For me, it is rewarding to see the progress, and where they go.

My oldest daughter is coming home from boarding school tomorrow for Spring Break.  She’ll be here for two weeks.  In the last year, I’ve seen her mature and grow substantially.  She has become so independent, and strong.  She’s mastered living away from home, at the age of 15.  She’s joined the varsity horseback riding team, and has managed to do so many things in life already.  She’s volunteered with Horse and Buddy as a sidewalker, and leader.  She also built a sensory garden out there for her Girl Scout Gold Award project- a project which required substantial project management skills, and determination.  But at the end of the day, she’ll always be my baby chick.  Because she holds a special place in my heart.

Just like so many of the other people whose lives I’ve touched.  Because it’s who I am.