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~by Anica Oaks~

Companies need a high level of IT services and support to remain competitive and stay profitable. IT infrastructure is involved in virtually all aspects of doing business, from maintaining payroll to emailing clients. Here are some consequences of poorly managed IT services.

4 Ways Shoddy IT Services Can Hurt Your Bottom Line 11. Poor Employee Morale

It is important that employees be engaged with their jobs. Employees who are comfortable and well-supported feel a greater sense of self worth and are more productive. However, that requires having the right tools for their jobs, whether that’s spreadsheets, video conferencing, or CRM software. Having inadequate tools or networks only frustrates staff. They come to work with negative expectations and a feeling that their efforts are unappreciated. Bad morale means low productivity and high turnover rates. Both are counter-productive to sustaining profit margins.

2. Decreased Innovation4 Ways Shoddy IT Services Can Hurt Your Bottom Line 2

Two of the most important benefits of modern technology are multiple channels of communication and access to a wealth of information, whether that’s over the Internet or within a company’s own data resources. Limited capabilities in either area mean that information and ideas are not flowing. The exchange of information encourages more input into problem solving, a process which drives innovative solutions. Poor information exchange means missing out on creative opportunities that make businesses more brand-able and innovative.

3. Lowered Efficiency

The purpose of all software and hardware is to improve efficiency. Obsolete or poorly designed systems may be causing more delays and resolving fewer problems. Managing IT infrastructure can be an overwhelming job for smaller companies, who increasingly turn to managed IT services. Tech support services includes anti-spam and anti-malware services, desktop support, system administration, and much more. They offer companies access to a team of qualified professionals at a fixed rate for scalable services.

4 Ways Shoddy IT Services Can Hurt Your Bottom Line 34. Poor Customer Service

With the competition only a click away, good customer service is important to retaining customers. The cost of poor customer service can run as high as $41 billion per year. In order to provide an excellent customer experience, support teams need prompt access to accurate information on customers, products, current marketing campaigns, technical information, and more. The only way to provide it is through fast, comprehensive telephony and data systems.

No matter how many sales are made, inadequate computer systems can drain away a large part of potential profit. Operating costs are increased by slow networks and frustrating software, while customer satisfaction drops. Being aware of such technical issues and finding affordable solutions, is the first step towards improving your bottom line.

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