Signs Entrepreneurs Should Know To Ensure Effective Calendar Management

Signs Entrepreneurs Should Know To Ensure Effective Calendar Management

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As an entrepreneur you must make sure that you manage your calendar most effectively and efficiently. If you do not, you will soon find yourself lagging behind your close competitors. Therefore, to be better off, it is important that you know about the signs that will indicate whether or not you are managing your calendar properly. This will ensure that you stay on top of your appointments.

Ideally, just like any other entrepreneur, your calendar will also be full of appointments, jobs to do and much more that may at times seem overwhelming to keep and manage. However, that does not mean you will not consider it seriously. In fact, if you let your calendar to remain like a cluttered mess, this may be one of the significant reasons for the failure of your business.

Even though you may be using the best app to manage your time better, it is only you who can make sure that it is effective and strategically followed. Here are a few signs that will indicate any lacunas and areas that needs further improvements.

Not enough time 

If you often say that there is not enough time for you to get all the things done, this is a downright lie, with all sugarcoating added to it. Why? This is because you have the same number of hours in a day, 24, in case you do not know, as the most successful business owners of this world, the scientists, the TV artist and even your successful entrepreneur friend. Then why you should fall short of it? 

Instead of complaining and whamming, make an effort to find time to do all those things that needs to be done on a specific day and on the specific time. How you will go about it is a different issue and is entirely up to you, but the best approach to follow is to conduct a time audit. Find out:

  • Whether you over or underestimate the time required to complete a specific task
  • Whether you are spending a lot of time on unproductive activities such as checking your social accounts and others.

This will help you a great deal in time management and eliminate the mistakes that you commonly make in a rush against time to complete a given task.

Punctuality is the key

Imagine how would you feel when the cab you have booked to go to the airport arrives late and you miss the flight or the online lending resource such as Liberty Lending US fails to deliver on time as promised. Frustrating, isn’t it?It is the same thing with your schedule as well. 

  • In addition to the fact that it will cause frustration in you, it will also delay your proceedings and you may start to procrastinating things. This will give your competitors a good opportunity to go ahead leaving you far behind them.
  • Being tardy is one of the worst habits that an entrepreneur may have and it will affect both personally and professionally. 
  • Being late is a rude act and it will eventually harm the reputation as well as the relation with your customers. 
  • Also, you will have to scramble and rush from one thing to the other making the entire process more stressful.

Once again, a quick time audit will help you to eliminate this issue and will also offer you better insight about your daily tasks get you into the habit of leaving buffers between two meetings and appointments. You will also learn to take travel time into account so that you are always punctual in your work.

Last time reviewed

If you do not know the last time you reviewed your calendar then you are surely not a good entrepreneur and are not managing your calendar well. Ideally, you should glance through your calendar at least every evening as well as first thing in the morning. 

  • This will ensure that you are always there where you have to be right on time. 
  • It will also ensure that everything is in order and there are no amendments necessary, such as a conference call with a client in case you have overslept and needs a rescheduling.

If you check your calendar regularly beforehand, it will give your enough time and help you to save a lot of time on getting things organized as well. This time saved can be used for preparing something else that is next on your to-do list of the day. 

Ideally, regular monitoring of your calendar will help you to schedule and reschedule your calendar. All you have to do is use the right set of scheduling tools and software such as intelligent calendars. This will always keep you on top of all things and your intentions. 

Therefore, make sure that you find out some time to review your calendar either every week or at least every month but not later than that. This will make you a successful entrepreneur.

The homogenous factor

If you do not make your calendar color-coded hen every entry in it will have the same look. Though this may not sound to you like a big deal but it will be quite a difficult thing to know where exactly you should look into when you open it for a review. If you are confused with your calendar it will not take you anywhere as an entrepreneur and it will surely hamper your productivity.

Therefore, color-code your calendar though it is up to you how exactly you will do it. However, be aware of some psychological aspects of color coding when you do so. These are:

  • Grey color represents balance and therefore this is an excellent color for making your meetings
  • Blue color triggers a relaxed response in your mind making it a perfect color choice for those less-taxing jobs.

If you want more motivation simply by looking at your calendar, you can try out chakra color-coding which is associated with the energy points of your body.

Lastly, you must make sure that you accept all time requests and make no excuses to keep them. 

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