Work can become stressful and overwhelming for many reasons. Sometimes, issues in your personal life or work environment might cause you to overwork yourself. 

If you’re trying to stay healthy as you work and maintain a good work-life balance, you should be aware of these signs that you’re overexerting yourself at work.

Mental Exhaustion

First, if you’re overexerting yourself at work, you might suffer from mental exhaustion. Mental exhaustion can manifest itself in many forms. You might have difficulty concentrating, and feel a lack of mental energy. You also might have difficulty motivating yourself to work on certain tasks. 

Mental exhaustion can also manifest itself in the form of anxiety and stress. If you feel like your mind is constantly fogged by anxiety and stress whenever you start work, that might be an indication that you need a mental break. Make sure that you don’t brush aside your mental exhaustion and burnout instead of addressing them.

Physical Pain

Another sign that you’re overexerting yourself is if you start experiencing irregular physical pain. This is particularly common if you have a job that requires you to lift heavy things or participate in acts of physical and manual labor. For example, you might start having back pain if you’re overexerting yourself physically. 

Restoring your back can offer lasting pain relief. You can also have signs of physical pain even if your job isn’t physically demanding. For example, your mental exhaustion and stress can cause headaches and neck tension. Make sure that you pay attention to your physical well-being at your work.

Emotional Strain

If you’re overexerting yourself at work, you’ll also likely experience great emotional strain. This is particularly common if you work in a job that involves difficult conversations and unhealthy communication, like a customer service position. You might experience emotional strain in many different ways. For example, you might feel more emotional than usual. You might even experience moments of irregular emotion at work. For example, a difficult conversation that you could usually navigate with a level head could now stress you out to the point of tears. If you find yourself emotionally unable to handle the pressures of your job, you need to make some changes to your work to provide yourself with better mental and emotional health. 

So, if you’ve been feeling exhausted and burnt out at your job, remember these signs of overexertion. Noticing these signs can help you to make the necessary changes to feel better at work. Remember, if your overexertion and burnout are caused by your work environment, finding a new job can be a good choice for your mental and physical health.

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