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There are many ways to make your office more eco-friendly all while saving money for your company. Besides the more automatic solutions such as reducing your energy consumption by unplugging and turning off electronics not in use, there are other important options to consider such as going paperless and sending some of your employees to work from home.

Turn Off and Unplug

It is important to turn off electronics and unplug when you are not using them. 54% of electricity is wasted when you use inefficient light bulbs and leave ceiling fans on when no one is around. Once they are no longer needed, turn off lights and ceiling fans for a quick and easy cost reduction. Reducing your waste, including excessive energy consumption, is good for both the planet and your company’s bottom line.

Go Paperless

Going paperless and converting your work to a digital format can help make a positive impact on the planet all while helping your business save money. Not only will you reduce your paper waste and save the lives of trees, you will save yourself all the money you would otherwise spend on paper each month. Going from hundreds of pieces of paper to a sleek computer and mouse makes a big difference in office expenses and clutter, but also improves security, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. You’ll eliminate costs spent on office supplies, make things easier for your business, and become more organized and secure.

Have Some Employees Work From Home

Changing some employees to remote work allows you to reduce costs in rent and energy, all while improving employee productivity and retention. Eco-friendly reductions in electricity and energy which are made possible with the move to a smaller office space is another plus.

Besides conserving space, there are also smaller (but no less impactful) effects of moving home. For example, your employees will most likely consume less plastic when they no longer need to pack lunches in plastic bags to take with them to the office. In addition, eliminating a daily commute will benefit the planet by reducing your employees’ emissions, minimizing your company’s carbon footprint.

In the end, simple changes such as being more conscious of energy waste, converting from paper to digital, and offering more remote work to your employees will benefit both your company and the planet. You don’t need to choose one or the other; you can be eco-friendly and successful at the same time.

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